How can Auslan Alphabet posters engage students?

Boho Auslan Alphabet Posters for your classroom or child's room

Are you a busy teacher constantly on the lookout for innovative teaching tools that can captivate your students and enhance the learning experience? Look no further, as we introduce you to our set of Boho Auslan alphabet posters. Let these unique posters breathe new life into your classroom and create an engaging environment that fosters inclusivity and appreciation for language and culture.

Auslan Alphabet posters: a visual Delight

These Auslan posters combine the elegance of Auslan hand signs with the Boho aesthetic. By incorporating these posters into your teaching space, you not only facilitate learning, but also create an environment that fosters appreciation for different forms of expression. 

Sign language is more than just a means of communication, it’s a beautiful art form. Our Boho Auslan alphabet posters  celebrate the elegance and complexity of Auslan hand signs, paying homage to the graceful movements and gestures that are the essence of Deaf communication. 

Auslan alphabet desk chart ideas

You could ask students’ to copy the hand sign onto a laminated Boho alphabet poster with whiteboard markers. Set a timer to draw the sign as quickly as possible. When the timer goes off, ask everyone to swap and get a partner to check the hand sign using the student desk chart. If correct they collect a counter or whatever from the teacher. Clean and repeat. Student (or pair, or group) with the most counters wins the game.


Auslan Alphabet Posters Matching Game

To seamlessly connect Auslan and the written alphabet, we provide a free set of matching alphabet posters and desk strips (for members only). These materials serve as the bridge between these two essential forms of communication, emphasising their equal significance in developing literacy and communication skills.

Objective: The objective of the game is to match the Boho Alphabet cards with their corresponding Auslan Alphabet cards, helping players physically connect the written letters with their Auslan hand sign counterparts.


  • Boho Alphabet Posters on the wall or floor
  • One set of Auslan Alphabet Posters (which could be printed smaller)
  • Players – two teams


  1. Teacher hold up one Auslan alphabet poster, (hiding the letter).
  2. One student from the front of each team runs to the letter that matches.
  3. First student to touch the matching letter on the Boho Alphabet wins and collects the Auslan poster for their team from the teacher.

Winning the Game: 

The game continues until all the matches have been successfully made. The team with the most matched Auslan Alphabet Posters at the end of the game wins.

auslan alphabet card game blog post image

Auslan Alphabet Cards

Our Auslan Alphabet Cards are a fantastic tool for fostering sign language familiarity in students. These cards offer a dynamic and engaging approach to learning Auslan hand signs. In the world of education, where time is a precious commodity, our cards provide a simple yet effective solution.

Imagine your students actively participating in matching games, whether in small groups or pairs, as they connect the written alphabet with Auslan hand signs. They can also use these versatile hand sign cards to form words, sparking a collaborative classroom experience where the entire class can sign and vocalize the words.

For busy teachers, these Boho Auslan Alphabet Cards are a valuable resource that streamlines the learning process. They encourage interaction, creativity, and language appreciation in the classroom. So, while you navigate your bustling teaching schedule, let these cards become your trusted ally in making the world of sign language more accessible and enjoyable for your students.

Auslan Cards Game

Match the Boho Alphabet cards with their corresponding Auslan Alphabet cards.


  • 26 Boho Auslan Alphabet Card
  • 26 Boho Plain Alphabet Cards
  • A large, flat playing surface (e.g., a table or the floor)
  • Players (2 or more)


  • Lay out all the letter cards face down and spread out on one side of the table.
  • Arrange all the Auslan Alphabet cards, face down and spread out, on the opposite side of the table.


  • Players take turns, starting with the designated first player.
  • On a player’s turn, they choose one card from the Alphabet letter area, and one card from the Auslan Alphabet area, without looking at them.
  • The player flips over both cards simultaneously to reveal them to everyone.
  • If the cards match, the player keeps the pair of cards and gets another turn.
  • If the two cards do not match, the player must return them to their original positions, face down.
  • The game continues with the next player clockwise.

Winning the Game:

The game continues until all the matches have been successfully made. The player with the most matched pairs of cards at the end of the game wins.


  • Memory Game: To make the game more challenging, you can arrange the mixed-up cards in a grid, face down, and players must remember the positions of the cards they flip over to make successful matches.
  • Timed Rounds: You can introduce a timer for each player’s turn to add excitement to the game. Players have a limited amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) to make a match.
Auslan Alphabet Posters with desk chart - Boho Style
Leveraging Auslan alphabet posters online for mobile educators

For teachers who are constantly on the move, going from class to class, utilising our Boho Auslan Alphabet Posters online can be a game-changer. These posters can be effectively integrated into online teaching platforms, making them accessible and adaptable for educators who rely on interactive whiteboards or screens.

To maximize their impact in a digital environment, simply scan or upload the posters to your online teaching platform or device. Whether you’re teaching remotely or in a physical classroom with limited space for displays, our Auslan Alphabet Posters can seamlessly enhance your virtual teaching sessions.

Display them on your interactive whiteboard, share your screen during online classes, or incorporate them into your presentation slides.

These versatile posters are designed to cater to the evolving needs of educators, ensuring that your Auslan teaching remains engaging and accessible, regardless of your teaching environment.

Fostering Appreciation and Inclusivity with the Auslan Alphabet: Embrace Diversity

Our mission is to foster an appreciation for both Auslan and the written alphabet. We recognise the vital role each plays in communication and education. By integrating our Boho Auslan Alphabet Posters and matching materials, you encourage educators and students alike to embrace the diversity and inclusivity of language and culture. These tools help create an inclusive and understanding classroom environment.

To introduce an Auslan lesson, you might like to have your students watch this National Auslan Sing along – I Am Australian – on ABC Australia.

A Journey of Rich Communication

In your role as a dedicated teacher, the search for effective teaching tools never ends. Consider incorporating our Boho Auslan Alphabet Posters into your teaching repertoire. These posters offer an innovative and respectful approach to integrating Auslan hand signs and the written alphabet, bridging the gap between two forms of communication.

They promote inclusivity and understanding within the classroom while celebrating the richness of human communication.
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