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Auslan Alphabet Cards Game with Desk Chart – Boho


Embrace the world of Auslan with our Auslan Alphabet Cards, designed to empower students in mastering sign language. These cards are a versatile resource that encourages students to delve into the world of hand signs with enthusiasm.

Picture your students enthusiastically participating in matching games, either in pairs or small groups, as they connect the written alphabet to Auslan hand signs. Moreover, these adaptable hand sign cards can be employed to construct words, transforming your classroom into a collaborative space where every student can practice signing and vocalizing words.

For educators navigating the fast-paced world of teaching, our Boho Auslan Alphabet Cards serve as an invaluable tool, streamlining the learning process. They not only promote interaction and creativity but also foster an appreciation for the beauty of language.

So, as you embark on your teaching journey, let these cards be your trusted companions, making sign language more accessible and enjoyable for your students.

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