Teaching Standards Summary – get the FREE guide

Teaching Standards summary - Get the FREE guide

This teaching standards summary is a FREE simplified guide for Graduate Teachers who can find it challenging to undergo the procedures for Teachers Registration in AustraliaThe “Overcoming Accreditation Disaster” guide is written to remove that challenge. 

The teaching standards summary presents smooth, professional and realistically tested measures and evidence to downplay the complexity of the above problem. So, this guide answers the almost unending questions of any graduate teacher in Australia who wants to get teacher registration. 

The author’s profile as an educator and a mentor is vehemently displayed and unquestionable in the orderly arranged presentation of his academic knowledge in the teaching profession. He moves from section to section simplifying the terms associated with and affiliated with the Teacher Standards.

The author helps his readers be the best educators and professionals they can be “through real-life teachings, stories, innovative teaching resources, new teacher support programs and mentoring” (pg. 4). 

The teaching standards summary has three sections

  1. An introduction to the accreditation process
  2. Creating a timeline and putting it all together
  3. A walk through each of the teacher standards

Each caters for a specific problem starting from what accreditation is to the teacher standards embedded in the whole process. For me, it is an extensive simplified guide to the accreditation process as required by the National Professional Standard for Teachers, Australia. 

In Section 3, the teacher standards are broken down and clearly illustrated with tables and colours (to highlight different columns and rows), showing the different stages in the teachers’ accreditation, all to simplify and aid teachers to better understand the teacher standards fast.

Real-life experience of the author as a guide

A graduate teacher who reads this teaching standards summary is forced to deem the author a friend. A teacher who understands the teacher standards of accreditation and a professional who has experienced and can therefore relate to everything he writes, considering the real-life evidence presented in the book. In other words, this book is not an abstract guide but an achievable and realistic one.

Understanding teacher standards are a breeze

 Apart from the tone being educational and motivational, the teaching standards summary is more informative, accompanied by ‘professional practices’, than the everyday standard list provided by the Teachers Registration Board, Australia. 

However, the author says the book is a basic guide that navigates the reader to succeed as a professional teacher. 

As a contribution to the supporting documents compiled by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited (AITSL), the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and other agencies, this book is an enhancing material for graduate teachers who wish to step on higher gears in their teaching careers. 

Get the teaching standards summary 100% FREE at Matt’s Instagram page – story.

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