Exploring the Stars? You need my super simple Graphic Organizer

Exploring the Stars - a free graphic organizer

Introduce your students to the wonders of the universe with ‘Exploring the Stars with Google Slides: A Classroom Research Tool.’ This comprehensive Google Slides presentation is designed to engage students in the fascinating study of stars through interactive and visually appealing content. Perfect for Year 5 classrooms, but adaptable for other age groups, this tool encourages deep exploration and sustained interest in astronomy.

Interactive Learning While Exploring the Stars 

Our graphic organizer is presented in a clear and accessible format, perfect for displaying on interactive whiteboards during lessons. It provides educators with a visual guide to demonstrate the structured approach required for student research on stars. Teachers can use this tool to model how to navigate and extract comprehensive information, setting a framework that encourages critical thinking and inquiry-based learning, integral to exploring the stars.

Critical Thinking Through the Cosmos 

The download contains thoughtfully crafted questions that guide students through their exploring the stars journey, challenging them to delve beyond basic facts and consider the scientific, historical, and cultural significance of stars. This systematic approach ensures that students not only gather information, but also synthesize and evaluate their findings in a context that enhances their critical and creative thinking skills.

exploring the stars to improve critical thinking skills

Flexible and Accessible Research Tools 

For convenience and adaptability, the slides can be accessed directly from Google Drive, which allows each student to personalise their research experience on exploring the stars. This graphic organizer can be used digitally or projected for a group on Google Drive, or PowerPoint, or Keynote. It works well in different learning situations and helps students learn in different ways.

Extended Learning Opportunities in Astronomy 

This package has more lesson ideas that work well with the graphic organizer and offer different ways to explore the topic of exploring the stars and astronomy. These resources encourage students to connect with the material through hands-on activities, group discussions, or creative projects. One activity revolves around making a Origami Star and transforming it into something else. This YouTube video explains how to make the star and is included on the Google Slides for students to follow.

Exploring the Stars link to ‘Space in Ace’ Script

For those looking to further enrich their astronomy lessons, consider our popular ‘Space is Ace’ script, which is available for a small purchase price. This script has been a hit among my primary students for years, especially those in Grades 4 and 5. It was written by a scientist with a knack for education and engagement. This paid script, unlike the free download, combines theatrical play about the planets with scientific exploration, making the learning process both exhilarating and memorable. The kids love it!

Software Requirements and Compatibility 

The graphic organizer is optimised for use with Google Slides, ensuring ease of use and compatibility across devices. This emphasis on accessibility renders the integration of this resource into your teaching toolkit straightforward, enabling you to concentrate on delivering high-quality and engaging lessons about exploring the stars.


A Stellar Combination for Learning 

We create an immersive learning environment by involving students in a term-long project that may involve creative presentations and personal research.  Where students learn by being active and creative. The outcome is a profound comprehension of astronomical concepts, achieved in a manner that fosters amusement and reflective learning.

This tool helps educators provide high-quality science education and engage students by transforming the classroom into a vibrant community of young astronomers. Engage your students with this educational tool and witness them embark on an extraordinary academic journey that is equally captivating and enlightening. 

With every lesson, unlock the mysteries of the universe and inspire your students to reach for the stars!

Stars Research Project
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