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Auslan Alphabet Posters and Student Desk Chart – Boho Style


Our Auslan Alphabet Posters blend Auslan hand signs with captivating Boho-inspired art. These Boho Auslan Alphabet Posters engage and captivate, celebrating the elegance of sign language. They double as decorative pieces, fostering cultural diversity and inclusivity.

We included a boho Auslan alphabet desk chart so students can check hand signs.

Complementing these posters are our FREE matching alphabet materials (members only); seamlessly connecting Auslan and the written alphabet for literacy development. Visit our blog and read ‘Auslan Alphabet Posters: How to engage learners’, for details to play the matching game. 

Explore this visual connection for interactive learning. Embrace the richness of language and culture while promoting appreciation for both communication forms. Transform your teaching with Boho Auslan Alphabet Posters and bridge the gap between worlds.

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