Boost Creativity: How to Supercharge students learning?

Creativity Booster

Creativity isn’t just an ‘arts’ term; it’s an essential tool for success. Injecting creativity into the classroom not only lights a fire of enthusiasm in students, it prepares them for the diverse and ever-evolving challenges of the future.

Creativity: The Essential Skill for the Modern Era From the boardroom to the break room, creativity is a driving force. It sparks innovation, solves problems and sets tomorrow’s leaders apart. So, why not arm our students with this invaluable skill?

Enhance Well-Being Through Creative Flow You’ve felt it. That feeling when you’re so engrossed in a lesson plan or activity that time just zips by? That’s the ‘flow’, and it’s rooted deeply in creativity. Imagine a classroom where students are so engrossed, so tuned in, that they’re in their own little creative bubbles of flow. In this state, anxiety diminishes, heart rates stabilize, and positivity oozes. The result? Enhanced well-being and a natural spike in motivation and joy.

Break the myth: creativity boosts IQ across subjects

Creativity isn’t exclusive to arts or writing; it’s a bridge connecting all subjects. Encourage a child’s creative thinking, and watch as they excel not only in arts but also in maths, sciences and beyond. When creativity fuels the mind, the cognitive gears turn faster, processing information more efficiently. As a bonus? An increase in overall IQ. With creativity, our students are not just learners; they’re thinkers, innovators, and future leaders.

The world is changing, and creativity is becoming the currency of choice. Whether in jobs or higher education, creative thinkers are sought after. Let’s ensure our students aren’t just part of the crowd, but are leading the pack with their innovative solutions and fresh perspectives.

Creativity Booster Course

5 steps to develop creative thinking in the classroom

Not only must teachers inspire creativity, but we must also give ourselves full permission to be creative as well.

1. Creative Characteristics: Embark on an enlightening journey through the intriguing minds of history’s most iconic creative thinkers. Understand the patterns, habits, and traits that defined their creativity, to spot and nurture them in your students and yourself.

2. Conducive Environment: An artist needs their canvas, and a thinker requires the right ambiance. Explore how light, space, and even sound can be orchestrated to summon the muses of creativity. Whether it’s a bustling classroom or a quiet corner, learn how to transform any space into a haven for innovative thought.

3. Unleashing Creativity: Unveil six hands-on, engaging activities tailored to jolt the imagination into action. These activities are designed to be adaptable across age groups and subjects, ensuring every student finds their spark.

4. Overcoming Barriers: Delve into the psychology of barriers to creative thinking. Why do they arise? How can they be dismantled? Engage with strategies that not only identify these hurdles but provide actionable steps to leap over them, ensuring a smooth journey in the creative process.

5. Embedding Creativity: Understand the prime times for creativity, how to intersperse creative breaks, and the importance of consistent practice. With these tools, ensure that every day becomes a symphony of innovative thought and action.

Answer the creative call

The world is in need of creativity now more than ever, and it starts in the classroom. Equip yourself and your students with the essential tools, strategies, and mindset to not only survive but thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

Don’t wait. Embrace this chance to transform your teaching style, infusing your lessons with creativity. Remember, you’re not just teaching subjects; you’re shaping futures.

Reap the Benefits:

  • Unlock unparalleled thinking capabilities in your students.
  • Cultivate a classroom atmosphere that buzzes with innovation.
  • Boost both yours and your students’ mental well-being.
  • Elevate your teaching strategies, to make learning more engaging.

Booster Creativity Course starts April 2025

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Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.

Albert Einstein