Stay organised: 7 smart ways to do it

Stay organised: 7 smart ways to do it

Classroom organisation tells students how they will be involved in the learning and what to expect from their teacher. The way the learning environment is organised or disorganised, encourages or discourages independence and collaboration.

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To stay organised can be challenging but below we have seven ways to do that.

Perhaps you’ve worked hard to get your classroom organised. It feels great – doesn’t it? It seems like the hard part should be over, right? 

Not quite! To stay organised takes effort. 

Thankfully, with these quick tips, you should be able to stay on track with no problem. 

Choose one goal

Start with this new habit if you know what you need to get organised. Every day, set out one goal you would like to accomplish. This one goal will help you to focus and stay organised without being distracted by other, less important tasks. Making the one thing, your main thing.

Do it now!

Nothing creates chaos all over again, like procrastination. Getting into the habit of doing things as they arise will help you maintain organisation and keep you from getting bogged down by your to-do list. 

Declutter daily

Look around the classroom. Are there things that are not where they belong? Take a few minutes to tidy up every single day. Enlist your students and let them choose jobs to do to make the classroom a great place to work in. Make a regular 5 min period to tidy up at the same time as the students do their jobs to keep you from falling into clutter again. 

Schedule to stay organised

One of the big sources of paper clutter is your daily mail. By keeping a handle on this by sorting through it as it comes into your pigeonhole, you will keep paper clutter under control. Start by tossing out advertisements and pointless items. I photograph what I need to keep tabs on and file it digitally. Add scheduled things to your calendar and toss the reminders. File everything else. There! Your mail is dealt with!

Whiteboard it

Whiteboards are great places to keep notes about your day. Most of us have a large one somewhere in the classroom. Add notes as you think of them to help you stay organised and not forget important things.

Put the stuff away

Procedures are your best friend. Teach your students where things go so they can put them back when they get them out. If you have a pile of student papers, don’t just leave them on your desk. Stay organised by having a place to put papers till you’re ready for them. Don’t allow clutter to get a toehold. Learn the habit of never setting something down where it doesn’t belong. 

Do weekly checkups

Finally, do a self-examination every week. How are you doing at staying organised? What things are working, and what things are not? Address any problems and spend time reorganising your classroom to be better managed. This self-examination will also be a time to manage goals and determine if you need to shift priorities in the coming week. 

Calm . . .

When you have everything in your classroom under control, everything is right where you can find it when you need it; you’re assured success.

By staying on top of organisational matters, you will help to maintain a calm and serene classroom, and your students will accomplish more learning. The trick is to pay attention to what you’re doing and to keep organising as you go.

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