Love To Teach courses to avoid teacher burnout

Love To Teach but feeling swamped?

Banish teacher burnout with a free I Love To Teach 101 fun experience course.

Get the I Love To Teach 101 free experience course to banish teacher burnout

Love To Teach but feeling swamped?

Banish teacher burnout with a free I Love To Teach 101 fun experience course.

Are you drowning in admin and missing those ‘aha!’ moments?

Then it's time to reignite

But first let's make some introductions. I'm Sylvia Skinner and I love to teach.

Ever since ’98 when I first grasped that Education degree, teaching has been my passion.

But, juggling the role of school principal with teaching a foundation class, and guiding student teachers to master the art of planning, organising, and sparking creativity, was no easy feat. It was a crash course in setting priorities, making tough calls, and avoiding teacher burnout.

I soon learned that without an organised classroom, we have limited time to get everything done or ignite creativity in our students. That led to developing courses and resources, that help YOU get more done.

Plus, a generous slice of the earnings from ‘I Love To Teach 101’ goes back to supporting teachers in need.

Sylvia Skinner at I Love To Teach 101

Ready to Ace Classroom Organisation?
Take the QUIZ!

Love to Teach Organisation Style Quiz

Let’s face it: loving to teach doesn’t always mean being the master of classroom organisation

But what if you could be? 

Do the quiz, snatch up your free  report, and snag 3 snazzy student games to help keep your classroom space organised. 

I Love To Teach 101 COURSES

Professional development (PD) has never been easier with our online experience courses. You get the most holistic, rewarding, fun and engaging learning journey possible.

stop teacher burnout experience course

Stop Burnout

Master balance with the seesaw method to end or prevent teacher burnout

Go HERO to slash extra hours


Ace time tactics with your superhero power to slash those extra hours

De-clutter your classroom fast


Organise your space Kondo style to make time for creativity in your classroom

Creativity Booster

Be Creative

Unlock imagination to empower your students’ success and joy of learning

Grab my digital teacher planner

This unique tool is tailored to effortlessly organise your thoughts, track student progress, and streamline your workload. It comes free with our ‘Go HERO’ course.

Teacher resources like Digital planners save time
I am really excited about what I Love to Teach has to offer. It's a real way to support us in our busy and often overworked occupation.
Sylvia has a unique blend of professional expertise, ability to motivate and at the same time make the whole experience enjoyable.
JULIA LEE - Teacher
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