Do You Love to Teach?

Join teachers who sell their own resources.

Who's it For?

It’s a marketplace for teachers from anywhere and everywhere to have their own stall to share and sell ideas and resources to other teachers. And the place to browse and buy others’ bright ideas too.
Not just schoolteachers – others too. Like if you’ve got an article or info, on how to do something – take a good photo, catch fish, knit, or … anything you like!
Trainers, what are your best effective ways to teach your clients and teams – earn from your ideas by selling guides to help others improve their training and coaching.



Each month the Member with the most Credits wins $1000 CASH.

Easy to Sell

Create products to teach what you know. Then open a stall to sell them on the Marketplace.

No Extra Fees

We hate hidden charges, so we don't charge them! Enjoy NO transaction fees on all of your sales.

High Royalties

Commission starts at 65% rising to 90% for PRO sellers. The highest royalties on the market!​

Choose a Plan.

There are 3 plans to choose from: Easy, Cool and Pro. Just want to browse the ILTT Marketplace for products, choose Easy. Or do you prefer to create and sell your own products to teach something, choose Cool. To get the Marketplace started, the first 1000 Cool Sellers, to add 5 products to the Marketplace, get upgraded to Pro for 12 months, free of charge. 


FREE Forever
  • Teaching Products
  • Community Chat
  • Guest Write for CASH
  • Referral Program
  • Win CASH Bonuses


FREE + $1 set-up
  • Keep 60% of all sales
  • Unlimited Products
  • Add 200 MB Videos
  • Add 200 MB Files
  • All that's in Easy


AUD $ 75 Yearly
  • Keep 90% of all sales
  • Unlimited Products
  • Add 5 GB Videos
  • Add 2 GB Files
  • All that's in Cool

Referral & Credits Program.

Refer a Friend and you both receive 1000 credits each when they sign up.
Every time you purchase a product, once you’ve used it, give feedback for more credits.
If you are a Seller, you earn 100 credits for each product you add to the Marketplace.
If you like Writing we reward approved articles with 3000 credits.


What are you waiting For?

Start now and turn your knowledge into a profitable resource.

Meet the Team.

Sylvia - founder of ILTT where Teachers help Teachers

Sylvia Skinner


A K-12 teacher for 25+ years, who loves to teach. Sylvia, with a panel, checks the resources you submit to I Love to Teach (ILTT), for quality.
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Meet the Team - Ray

Ray Skinner

Finance Director

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Ray is the one. He looks after admin. He is also a leader and a teacher in the Medical world. 
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Tamani - our Solomon Island Team Manager

Peter Tamani

SI Team Manager

Peter is a Primary School Teacher in Solomon Islands (SI). He oversees the mission aspect of ILTT that helps Teachers in Need in SI.
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Beth Thomas

I am really excited about what this community has to offer. Made by teachers, for teachers is the best way of supporting one another in our busy and often overworked occupation. Regardless of where we are in the world, we all have one thing in common and that is wanting the best for the students we work with. What a great way to be supportive but also save time for ourselves too, by sharing our ideas and resources!

Beth Thomas

Early Years Teacher

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