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Hi, I’m Sylvia Skinner, and I love to teach, don’t you? For 20+ years I taught elementary in Australia. For 5 years I also led a school as principal in Solomon Islands. Now I’m teaching K-12 Visual Arts in South Australia. I earned my Education degree, with hons in ESL, back in 1998, in Western Australia.

While I was principal and teaching full-time, I trained teachers how to set up, plan lessons, work smart and organise their classroom so they could teach like a champion. That’s when I had to learn to work smart.

So, I created I Love to Teach 101 to extend that role online and assist teachers to establish and maintain organised classrooms. After all, classroom organisation leads to classroom management, and a thriving, vibrant environment means engaged students who are fully invested in their learning. 

Sylvia Skinner a I Love to Teach 101

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I am really excited about what I Love to Teach has to offer. It's a real way to support us in our busy and often overworked occupation.
Sylvia has a unique blend of professional expertise, ability to motivate and at the same time make the whole experience enjoyable.
JULIA LEE- Teacher

Get organised, save time, and live your life

With so many strands of thread to the tapestry that is teaching, it’s hard to determine what the most important aspect is. However, one thing is clear: without a thriving classroom environment, it’s nearly impossible for effective learning to take place. Fortunately, I Love to Teach 101 is the perfect hub for you to understand how to create such an environment. 

If you’re passionate about teaching but struggle with aspects of organisation, I Love to Teach 101 is the perfect place for you. Our classroom organisational tools are designed to make you thrive as an educator.  With efficient methods and more hours in the day, you’ll find that your students will receive the best quality of teaching you have to offer. 

If you feel like grading is taking up every spare moment, you’re spinning too many plates, and school completely dominates your thoughts, I Love to Teach 101 offers Go HERO an online PD course to help you cut your non-contracted hours down to zero. 

I Love to Teach 101 is also committed to empathy and equity, with profits directly helping teachers in need in the Solomon Islands.

Go HERO to ZERO your non-contracted hours

Go HERO is a 10 week online teacher productivity course. You’ll be shown how to: 

  • harness planning hacks and grab my digital planner
  • engage superhero to flip the switch on thoughts
  • refine grading hacks to stop taking papers home 
  • optimise systems for a smooth running classroom