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Want time to teach, plan, prep, grade, text, sell your resources AND live your life?

Hey, I'm Sylvia An Aussie Teacher on a mission

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We are a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and would love YOU to join us. We use our revenue to help teachers in need.
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How healthy is your teacher work-life balance? Take the Balance Act Quiz. It only takes 60 seconds and you can view your quiz results with NO email.
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Hey, you've done the work already so why not sell your teacher resources. PRO members keep 95% of their sales, and FREE members 85%.
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Sign-up as a FREE member, to get your private links so you can submit your article. Or apply to become one of our paid writers.
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A teachers PD course that helps YOU learn smart work habits and a few secrets, to work only your contracted hours, so your weekends are FREE!
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Get rewards for Guest Blogging, adding your k-12 teaching resources, and making friend referrals (your friends get rewarded too).
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Become part of the I Love To Teach (ILTT) Tribe of professional teachers. While you sell your resources or write for our blog or purchase a product or course, be part of a teacher tribe that helps teachers in need.

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