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Commissions from YOUR stall, directly helps Teachers in Need.

The Benefits of Brain Based Learning
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Love to Teach Benefits

High Royalties

PRO Sellers keep 90% of their sales with paid membership.
Cool Sellers keep 70% of their sales with FREE membership.

Rewards Program

Earn most Credits to WIN $1000. Write an Article for 2000 credits ($20 discount). Refer A Friend for 1000 credits each ($10).

your Own Stall

Customising your Stall is easy.
Simple tool to add your products.
Secure Paypal shopping cart.
Sign up as a FREE Seller forever.

'Chit Chat' Social

You can collaborate with others.
You earn credits for each post.
Request resources to be made.
Create and answer poll questions.

Write for the Love To Teach Blog

Like to Write?

Write an article for Our Blog

Do you have some teaching ideas you’re just itching to share with the world? Sign up as a free member to get your private links. You need your private blog submission link to submit your article. If your article is approved by the moderator panel, you earn 2000 credits ($20 discount), so make sure to read the guide.

Chit Chat

Like to Chat?

Use our Private Social - 'Chit Chat'

To access Chit Chat, just sign up as a FREE member. We only use usernames so you can be totally anonymous. You earn credits for every single post you make. Great way to collaborate, earn credits and win CASH prizes.

Like to Create?

Every Teacher has made at least 1 Resource

Why not package a few of your teacher made resources and share them on the Love to Teach Market? You could use your smart phone to make a video to explain your product. Share for free or sell your resources for $3, $5, $10, or a lot more if it’s a unit of work. Your first product on I Love To Teach, must be Free.

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The Benefits of Brain Based Learning

ILTT Member


  • Rewards Program
  • Private Links
  • 'Chit Chat' Social

Cool Seller


  • You keep 70%
  • Add 500 MB Videos
  • Add 200 MB Files

Hot Seller

AUD $40

  • You keep 80%
  • Add 2 GB Videos
  • Add 500 MB Files

Pro Seller

AUD $75

  • You keep 90%
  • Add 5 GB Videos
  • Add 1 GB Files

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