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Of all my teacher resources, my digital planner is my fav!

As you know teacher planners come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a large, A4 physical book stored away in your drawer, a smaller one out on your desk and ready to be leafed through, or a digital planner that can be brought up on a range of devices.

Regardless of how you keep track of your daily, monthly, and yearly activities, it’s important that you use your teacher planner to stay organised. There are plenty of ways to do this. 

For example, with physical planners, it can be easy for you to quickly jot something down on a random page, with no order, simply because you don’t want the thought to escape from your mind. Try to avoid this! 

Teacher resources like Digital planners save time

Planners are there to be utilised as organisational teacher resources. There are specific sections that many teacher planners have, allowing you to arrange your thoughts all in one place. No more messy scribbles of random thoughts or scattered data. Ensuring that everything is easily accessible, all in one place, will keep your mind decluttered and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

If possible, try to dedicate pages to each of your students. This way, you can keep a log of their data, behaviour, ability levels, wellbeing, and general progress. Colour code each page with sticky labels, preferably with initials or letters to reference each child, so that you can flip to the section with ease. Having a specific page for each student will also be a life-saver when it comes to parent communication. 

During a meeting with a parent, if you’re able to pull out your teacher planner and turn straight to their child’s page, this will not only organise your thoughts all in one place, but it will put the parent at ease. They will be impressed with your organisation, strengthening your communication and overall connection with their child’s journey in school. 


Digital planners offer the most flexibility

Digital planners are also a great way to organise your thoughts and keep track of students. I use mine all the time as it’s lightweight to carry around and holds. Not only are they more sustainable, but they’re accessible from pretty much anywhere. 

Teacher planners are brilliant, but they also have the habit of being left in your classroom overnight, or on the kitchen table in the morning. If you keep everything logged digitally – particularly through some form of cloud system, such as Google Drive – then there’s no risk of it not being at hand. 

After all, technology is all around us! Try and get to grips with creating templates and configure labelling systems, so that you can access a range of information in a few taps and clicks. Keeping everything in one place and easily attainable will ensure that you’re using your teacher planner to its full potential!

Get your teacher resources organised today!

Join the 5-day challenge to get your classroom and teacher resources organised. You’ll get useful tools, insider tips, and tried and tested methods to help you reduce the clutter AND free up some of that precious time of yours. 

Classroom Organisation

FREE 5-day challenge to organise your classroom.

Prefer to read the book? Then look no further. Get my easy to read complete classroom organisation guide, on Amazon for less than a dollar. Remember, staying organised is the cornerstone from which we can build our students learning environment. It’s hard to teach well if your mind is cluttered because your classroom is disorganised.

Teacher in Control - A complete classroom organisation guide

Teacher in Control: A complete classroom organisation guide

Educators looking to change or enhance their mindset to create a productive learning environment will find tools, tips, and real-world experiences in this teacher resource.

Former Principal Dr Melissa Caudle now author, writes that, Teacher in Control by Sylvia Skinner is an example of an effective handbook that any educator can refer to, regardless of experience. You’ll not only be shown actionable steps to establish and maintain an organised classroom, but this teacher resource will help you understand the philosophy behind organisation in teaching. 



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