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Digital Planner with Hyperlinks to Save Time – BLUE


Digital Planner with hyperlinks is a PDF to save time and keep you organised. I created it for the iPad (and Apple Pencil – which I LOVE) but you can use it on any tablet with any pdf reader app. I use both Notability and GoodNotes. 

I created it for the iPad, but if you download the desktop version of GoodNotes pdf reader app, you will be able to edit and read it on your laptop. You can do also have it on your iPhone and GoodNotes keeps it all in sync for you.
The digital planner with hyperlinks is evergreen

Want to reduce your annual costs? Then this planner is for you. It is un-dated so once purchased it can be re-used year after year. The planner is 600MB so you have to download it from Google Drive. The Digital Planner with hyperlinks provides 32 weekly lesson plan templates.

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