How to Make Classroom Organisation Engaging?

a guide to make classroom organisation engaging

You ever wish you could just flick a magic wand and *poof!* instantly make classroom organisation engaging? Oh, the dream! See, you’re not alone in this. There’s a whole army of teachers out there, battling against classroom chaos, the higgledy-piggledy heaps of half-chewed pencils, mislaid books, and the piles of crumpled papers. It’s a jungle in there.

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘How on earth can I tidy this mess AND teach these kids? I’m not Mary Poppins!’ And you’re absolutely right. There’s no bottomless bag full of quick-fix solutions here, but don’t despair. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Look, we’ve all tried the stern teacher routine – ‘tidy up or else!’ – only to watch as the mess grows like an unstoppable tidal wave of colourful chaos. And it’s exhausting, isn’t it? But what if, we could make it fun? What if we could turn that tidal wave into a calm, organised sea of productivity? Impossible, you say?

Well, think again. Because here’s the thing. When you make classroom organisation engaging, you’re not just tidying up. You’re teaching valuable life skills, you’re fostering teamwork, and you’re nurturing a sense of responsibility. More than that, you’re making your own life a lot easier.

Song Power To Make Classroom Organisation Engaging

There’s no doubt about it, getting the little rascals to see the charm in a bit of good old tidying up is tough. But imagine if we could make classroom organisation engaging by sprinkling a bit of pizazz over the mundane. A spot of razzle-dazzle to make the humdrum, well, less humdrum. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

We’ve all had those days when even the mere thought of getting kids excited about sorting out equipment feels as likely as a pig in flight. The sighs, the eye-rolls, the cries of ‘not again!’ echoing around the classroom. But have you ever thought of adding a twist to this everyday saga? Yes, I’m talking about the universal language of joy – music!

Imagine the scene – there’s chaos everywhere, and then suddenly, the strumming of a guitar, the beat of a drum, the sweet melody fills the air. The kids pause, their eyes light up, and before you know it, the once insurmountable chore is now a joyous jamboree. From the power of a simple tune.

Songs can do more than just make us shake a leg, you know. They can help us learn, remember, and yes, even organise. They can transform the monotonous into magical, and foster a healthier attitude toward the not-so-fun stuff. And let’s be honest here – wouldn’t we all rather be singing while tidying than moaning?

It’s true, the younger ones may sway to the rhythm more easily. But that’s a good thing! Start them young, and these habits will stick around longer than a piece of chewing gum on a school desk. When we make classroom organisation fun, it not only saves our sanity, but we also set the stage for a more organised future. So, ready to burst into song?

Online Songs: A Tidy Classroom Tune

It's time to tidy up using the Walrus Song

So you’re probably thinking, ‘That sounds all well and good, but I can’t carry a tune at all!’ Fear not! There’s no need to audition for ‘The Voice’ just yet. You see, the magical internet is awash with catchy tunes designed to make classroom organisation engaging, and they’re just waiting for you to press play.

Think about it. There’s a reason why nursery rhymes have been around since the dawn of time (well, almost!). They stick! A good ditty can bury itself deep in our brains, popping up at the oddest times. Bet you still remember the words to ‘Old MacDonald’. It’s the same principle here. These songs aren’t just earworms, they’re memory hooks, they’re learning aids.

Here’s one song on the internet that kids love, the ‘Singing Walrus – Tidy Up Song’. Can you believe it? Kids asking to tidy up just to bop to this tune! It’s less ‘clean up or else’ and more ‘clean up because it’s a jolly good time’.

Now, these online gems do more than engage students in classroom organisation, they’re also visual aids in disguise. While the kids are busy dancing and singing, they’re also watching and learning. The videos act as a visual guide, showing them how to organise, making an otherwise complex task simpler.

And remember, it’s not just about the immediate, practical benefit of a tidy classroom. It’s about the long-term life skills these little groovers are picking up. Responsibility, independence, problem-solving – all wrapped up in a fun, musical package. 

making classroom organisation engaging for successful tidying up

Create Your Own Song To Make Classroom Organisation Engaging

So, now you’re probably wondering, ‘Okay, pre-recorded songs are a start, but how can we take this up a notch?’ Roll out the red carpet, because it’s time for your very own classroom hit parade!

You see, there’s a special kind of magic in creating something from scratch. And when you involve the whole class in writing your very own tidy-up anthem, well, that’s a different level of engagement, isn’t it? They’re not just tidying up anymore – they’re performing their hearts out with a song they helped create!

Imagine the pride that’ll swell up in their little chests as they belt out their lyrics, all while learning to sort, store, and tidy up. It’s a whole new level of ownership, a shared mission, a team effort. It’s their song, their rules, their responsibility. And who knew that would be the secret to making classroom organisation engaging?

Creating your own song isn’t just a fun project. It’s a lesson in collaboration, creativity, and communication. It’s a peek into the behind-the-scenes process of songwriting, the why’s and how’s of the words they choose. You’re not just tidying up anymore; you’re weaving an unforgettable learning experience.

This way, classroom organisation becomes less of a chore and more of a performance. It becomes their special thing, their little secret. And that’s how you create a positive, lifelong relationship with organisation. So, are you ready to unleash the inner lyricist in your pupils and improve classroom organisation.

Beyond Tidy-Up Tunes: Time Management Skills

making classroom organisation engaging with time

Let’s take a moment, shall we? Have you noticed that we’re not just talking about tidying up anymore? When we make classroom organisation engaging, it’s not just about teaching kids how to keep their surroundings neat. It’s about providing them with an arsenal of life skills that they’ll carry with them throughout their journey. One of those skills is none other than time management, the elusive art that even some of us grown-ups are still mastering!

Now, here’s where the power of songs comes in again. Many of these catchy tidy-up tunes come with a built-in timer. Genius, isn’t it? A fun, musical countdown that adds a whole new level of excitement to the clean-up routine. Suddenly, it’s not just about who can tidy up the fastest. It’s also about who can beat the clock!

While they’re singing, dancing, and tidying, they’re also subconsciously learning how to manage their time. They’re learning the value of every tick of the clock. They’re figuring out ways to be efficient and to prioritise, all while having fun. They’re learning that every moment matters, that time is a precious commodity that shouldn’t be wasted.

And that’s just the beginning. This skill of managing time is like a superpower that’ll serve them well in every phase of life. From managing homework deadlines to juggling after-school activities, from balancing work responsibilities to maintaining social commitments as they grow up. Time management is a game-changer, and what better way to introduce it than through a fun, engaging tidy-up song?

When you make classroom organisation engaging, you’re not just creating a pleasant environment. You’re setting the foundation for successful, organised individuals. 

The Final Act: Putting the 'Fun' Back in With Functionality

To make classroom organisation engaging isn’t just another task on your to-do list. It’s an investment in a smoother, happier classroom experience. And in return, you’ll get less mess, less stress, and more time to focus on what really matters, teaching those curious minds and shaping the future. 

  • Songs that instil organisational skills? 
  • Routines that actually get the job done without pulling teeth? 
  • Students eagerly participating in tasks that were once a struggle?

Classroom organisation that engages, is more than just transforming chaos into order. You’re teaching your students life skills that go beyond the four walls of your classroom. Time management, responsibility, teamwork – these are the building blocks of future leaders, thinkers, and doers.

Can you see it now? No more flying solo in your organisation efforts. Instead, you’ll have a whole troop of enthusiastic, melody-fuelled helpers on your side. And the best part? They’re learning, growing, and enjoying every moment.

Remember, the key is not just to organise, but to make organisation something to look forward to. So, don’t shy away from a little fun, a little song, a little dance. Make your classroom a stage where organisation is the star of the show.

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