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morning routine poster free

Routines are the heart and soul of every classroom, acting as the quiet conductors of daily school life. As teachers, we’re familiar with the dance of daily directions. The same students need reminding of the same tasks day in, day out. To alleviate this morning mayhem, I created a ‘morning routine poster’. A simple tool to guide students as they commence their day.

As teachers, we each have our own set of morning rituals, those quiet moments of preparation before the day unfolds. It’s a dance of routine, setting our minds and spaces in order for the journey ahead. So, it stands to reason that establishing a routine for our students is just as vital.

Implementing a morning routine in the classroom is a cornerstone of effective classroom management. It sets the tone for each day of engaged learning. By establishing a clear, consistent morning procedure, such as the ‘BE TOPS’ routine, we can foster a positive, focused environment from the moment students walk through the door. 

This not only minimises the need for repeated reminders but also empowers students with the support and responsibility to manage their own preparations. By mirroring the organisation and readiness we practice ourselves, we cultivate a classroom culture that values punctuality, preparation, and positivity, setting everyone up for success.


Bright Beginnings

Imagine each day, as students stream into the classroom, their eyes are drawn to the ‘morning routine poster’, an acrostic spelling out “BE TOPS”. Each letter starts a sentence, guiding them through their morning tasks. 

  • Bags away
  • Eating choices made
  • Turn in homework
  • Open diaries on desk
  • Pencils sharpened 
  • Start morning work

It’s a clever mnemonic device that not only decorates the wall but also instils a sense of order and readiness, engaging students in a fun, memorable way to kick-start their day with purpose and preparation. This acrostic arrangement isn’t just clever; it’s a catalyst for morning motivation, ensuring each day begins with a consistent, positive routine.

Keeping the Morning Routine Poster Fresh

Let’s add a sprinkle of novelty! With 10 different backgrounds available for download, the morning routine poster can don a new look every school month, preventing the scenery from becoming mundane while maintaining the essential list of routines. This variety keeps the atmosphere fresh and engaging, ensuring that the poster remains an interesting and integral part of your classroom’s landscape.

Morning Routine Poster Freebie

The Symphony of the Morning

In my classroom, the morning unfurls with a symphony of soft classical melodies, the soundtrack to our students’ entry. This isn’t just about ambiance; it’s about setting a stage for calmness and concentration. As each child enters, they’re greeted not just by music, but by the clear, concise instructions of our morning routine poster. Bags are stowed, pencils sharpened, and diaries opened: all orchestrated movements leading to a harmonious start.


Visual Victory

Let’s talk visuals. The ‘morning routine poster’ isn’t just a list; it’s a beacon for students who thrive on visual cues, particularly young learners or those with additional needs like autism. These students blossom under the gentle guidance of consistent visuals, and the morning routine poster acts as a silent teacher, reinforcing expectations and providing a scaffold for independence and responsibility.


Resilient Routines

Of course, no morning is without its surprises, and flexibility is the companion of routine. Some days, the poster is a gentle guide; other days, it’s a firm reminder of our classroom ethos. But the beauty of the ‘morning routine poster’ lies in its steadfastness. It’s a constant in a world of variables, a visual vow that no matter the day’s dynamics, the foundation for learning and growth remains unshaken.


Dynamic Days Ahead

The ‘morning routine poster’ is more than paper and print; it’s a symbol of our commitment to creating a nurturing, efficient, and focused classroom environment. It’s about championing a start that emboldens both teacher and student, ensuring that every morning is a step towards success. So, here’s to mornings transformed, to days empowered, and to the endless possibilities that unfurl when we give our students the tools to “BE TOPS” from the very start

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