Education Can Change the World

Education is the key to change the world. It reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace. Yet, many do not have basic Education. 

Only Education can change the world. Nelson Mandela, one of my heroes, advocates Education as the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world. In particular, he tried to change people’s ideas and concepts of one race being better than another. Growing up in the UK where my cousins played “spot the black man”, was a tricky thing. Back then, in the 60s, school was daily torture, of racist remarks and bullying just because your dad is black and your hair is half fuzzy. Mandela was one who rose above racism to change the world around him.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Education is the key to change the world. It reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace.

Mandela Effected Change

Mandela’s famous quote spurs me on to create a teaching community where Education does change the world for those in need. Starting small – a little drop in the ocean – we’re helping Solomon Island teachers who are in need. I taught there for 15 years so I have a personal connection. From Australia, it’s a three-hour flight to Honiara the capital of Solomon Islands. Our members can join us there if they wish to share their skills too at our teaching workshops. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us for more information.

How can Education change the world?

Having lived in remote Solomon Islands (SI) for 15 years, I founded I Love To Teach (ILTT) for teachers to help teachers in need. We are focusing on teachers in the Islands who need more training and essential teaching resources. There are many primary schools but not enough for everyone. I began one primary school in the Islands and trained teachers, but one is not enough. You, too, can help to change the world by enabling the ‘Love to Teach Foundation’ to fulfil its goal, just by being an active member as a buyer or a seller. You could also join us in the Islands sharing your teaching skills on one of the workshops. If interested, do apply.

Teachers in many parts of the world, not just Solomon Islands, receive little income if any at all. As in SI, higher Education may only be open to a small percentage of those who pass primary Education. In SI students have to pass the national HICKS test (which students take in Year 6 at the end of Primary). Those who do get the opportunity of Higher Education are empowered to change their world. They learned to use their brain. I have seen many who, with a sound primary education, make their social world a better place for others in need. It may not be much to our western eyes, but it’s enough to start that hunger for learning.

Empowered to change the world

One - a safer world with better leadership

Many studies show that people who have received an education are less likely to resort to violence. Many manipulate with intelligent arguments causing people to commit atrocities in the name of freedom. Education is the most potent weapon, bar love, to change the world.
People of all nations have opinions and beliefs. Education can aid in encouraging people to think outside the box and change the world. To have the confidence to lead and make decisions based on a thorough knowledge base. When we teach, our aim should be to encourage leadership skills. We need these on the family level as well as a nation. Every child needs to learn to lead no matter what walk of life.

Two - connecting kids worldwide

Every year my primary class learn about Solomon Island (SI) culture and compare it with another culture of their choice. Part of that involves writing to Solomon Island pen-friends. It’s a simple and easy thing to do, with great benefits to students in both cultures. I love it, too, when they exchange some small gift in their letters. SI shell money gets sent from the Islands and my students, send a bush hat or an Aussie decorated pen. Oh, the smiles when they read each other’s letters. I’ve been in the Islands when my students there have received letters too and its the same. Every little connection helps to change the world with Education.

Change the world with education

Three - challenge and change in teens' worldview

Then there is a superb organisation called ISSOS International Summer Schools held in the university towns of the UK. High school students are allowed to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in a three-week program. The following quote is from an article written by Jen Munro (2015), one of ISSOS’s International teachers.

Jen Munro at ISSOS, asked her class what they had learned while at ISSOS. One American student replied:

"3 weeks ago I had never met anyone from an Arab Nation, in fact I had only met a few people from outside the USA. When, I came to ISSOS with preconceived ideas and judgments . . . but now he (she pointed to the 16 year old boy Omar, from Saudi Arabia) is one of my best friends. Now, I understand about his country and his religion and I love him and he makes me laugh. I will go home and make sure my friends know that the propaganda they see on the news or uneducated people taking badly about people from Arab nations or any other country where we judge before really understanding or knowing, is just not right or true."

Jen sat with tears in her eyes and thought 'if I do nothing else in my life; and if this is why ISSOS exists, for this one story, then that is enough'.

Education can help to change the world

Even if Education cannot in itself change our heart, yet it goes a long way to improving the mind to think. Truly thoughtful life makes bad decisions much less likely, so we take fewer wrong actions. Without Education, we are paupers. With it we are rich.

As the old Chinese saying goes: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

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@peepso_user_11175(Bob Richards)
You are absolutely right education will change our world if we can offer it to those impoverished places that are struggling in just about every category. Education brings so many great opportunities for children that are transferring into adulthood. Countries who are struggling need to really focus in on education for a few years and see how it changes their world.
Perfect, perfect & perfect! I think the first paragraph ‘Education – reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace.’ is the core of this post and explains everything in depth! You have produced a great article.

23 April 2019 6:04 pm 23 April 2019 6:04 pm
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