10 Killer Routines To Improve Your Teacher Productivity

Kick start your teacher productivity with my Killer routines. They are simple to implement so get started as soon as you can.

Since the term daily routines implies doing the same actions repeatedly, it makes sense that people might view it negatively. People want excitement and spontaneity, not the “same ol, same ol”.


However, killer routines prime you for success. They help you think, achieve and get stuff done. They make sure you get the most important stuff done first. You just need a little discipline, That’s where the routines help you. 

Love to Teach? Set priorities with my 10 Killer Routines

Work smart

A solid routine, when harnessed correctly, can propel you towards your goals. It might not be hair-raising excitement, but striving towards and reaching goals is far from boring.

The best part about these killer routines is that they don’t have to be massive changes in your life. They help you work smart. 

Having routines that you already follow everyday without knowing is great, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. When you tap into the true power of routine, and create repeatable actions that propel you towards your goals – that’s when things get real.


Killer Routines effect change

Since a routine is simply a set of repeated actions, it is more important to be consistent than monumental. It is the cumulative effects of killer routines that matter most – not the single action taken.

It is important because sometimes we can be intimidated by wholesale changes. Some people never really take a stab at meaningful success because the idea of change is too overwhelming.

By creating simple small routines, you circumvent that fear. You are starting small, just tweaking your day a bit, and all of a sudden, you will notice your life is starting to take shape. 


Student daily routine

Our students need daily routines too because it helps them attain academically. For example research shows that daily study increases student’s memory but it must be in the day time. Students don’t like boring tasks but they do like repetitive routines.

If it’s good enough for our students then why not get ourselves organised? Start small, just tweaking your day a bit, and all of a sudden, you will notice your life is starting to take shape.

It doesn’t happen in a few days or a few weeks, but it does happen if you stay committed.


Create small killer routines

You might even wonder if routines are important enough even to help you. But like most routines, they will be deceivingly simple and helpful in your life. 

They might not make you a master teacher, they might not make you famous, but they will certainly help lay the groundwork for the future, and a more successful version of yourself!