10 Killer Routines To Improve Your Teacher Productivity

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Due to the fact that the term daily routines implies the repetition of the same actions continually, it is quite understandable that people might view it negatively if they hear it. Generally, people are looking for something new, something exciting, not something that is “same ol, same ol”.

However, routines prime you for success. As a result, they help you be more creative, achieve more and get stuff done. Prioritising the most important stuff is one of their functions. It just takes a little discipline.  

There is no doubt that research has highlighted just how important routines are and how important it is to find ways to maintain them. Our routines allow us to maintain a semblance of order in our lives, creating a strong foundation upon which we can thrive – especially for educators, since routines are a key part of how we generate our passion! 

Work smart

Having a solid routine can help you achieve your goals, if you don’t let it get in the way. Striving towards and achieving goals might not be hair-raising, but it is by no means boring.
I think one of the most fantastic things about these killer routines is that they do not have to be devastating changes in your life to be effective. They help you work smart.

We all follow routines every day without realizing that we do so, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. As soon as you manage to tap into the true power of routine, and determine what actions you can repeat in order to achieve your goals – that’s when the real magic begins to happen.

Killer Routines effect change

It is more important to be consistent than monumental when it comes to routines since they are simply repeated actions. It is the cumulative effects of killer routines that matter most, not their individual action.

Our fear of wholesale changes can sometimes make us hesitant to make changes. Some people never really take a stab at meaningful success because the idea of change is too overwhelming.
Creating small routines circumvents that fear. It just takes a small tweak to your day. Then, all of a sudden, your life starts taking shape.

Student daily routine

Our students need daily routines too because it helps them attain academically. Research shows that daily study increases student’s memory but it must be in the day time. So, help students’ keep routines constant by transforming chaotic classroom dynamics into something altogether more predictable and productive. 

If it’s good enough for our students then why not get ourselves organised? Start small, just tweaking your day a bit, and all of a sudden, you will notice your life is starting to take shape.

It doesn’t happen in a few days or a few weeks, but it does happen if you stay committed.

Killer routines guide

You might even wonder if routines are important enough even to help you. But like most routines, they will be deceivingly simple and helpful in your life.

My guide will get you started. It will show you how to prioritise tasks while also getting organised. It takes a lot of the stress out of your everyday teacher life, allowing you to stay calm. So, make sure to check out my killer routines guide – it will have your back.

They might not make you a master teacher, they might not make you famous, but they will certainly help lay the groundwork for the future, and a more successful version of yourself!

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