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Write for I Love To Teach 101

To write for I Love to Teach 101 (ILTT) you will need to become an I Love To Teach member, to get a private link to your own blog submission area. 

All articles MUST be approved by the I Love To Teach (ILTT) Writers Panel before publication. Therefore read the rules and writing brief below to understand how your teacher story article is more likely to get approved. If your article is approved you receive 8000 credits ($80 discount).

Write for the Love To Teach Blog

The Rules

All articles must be at least 1000 words and have at least one quality stock image that you have copyright authorisation to share. Your own unique photo is even better. 

Only resources that you sell on ilovetoteach101.com can be linked to and only one free resource and one paid resource in one article. We do not like spamming our readers.

You may if you wish add ONE link in your article back to an article on your blog which we will check.

Your article cannot be copied in part or full from any other source, including your own blog, as this may result in duplicate content penalties from Google.

We love when teachers share stories that teach ideas they have learnt from their classroom. Or perhaps you like to research and share what will help our readers. 

Teachers should blog

How to Write for us

First, it’s good if you have a key phrase in bold font in the first paragraph. We like it if the title and at least three paragraphs have the key phrase. We also like it if you can begin your article with a story (made up or real that introduces your topic and makes your article interesting to read.

Second, the Love to Teach blog readers like short paragraphs ie no bigger than 150 words. We also like lots of subheadings so we can scan your article to see if its something we want to read. Please make sure at least one subheading has your key phrase in it, so its SEO happy. Plus, we prefer articles to be a minimum of 1000 words.

Third, you must add at least one quality stock image, or even better would be your own unique photo. You can add up to three images because we just LOVE them, as we’re all visual learners. If you want to add a video from YouTube or one you made yourself then add the link. 

Lastly, we love articles about your teaching experience or research but you should make sure you know which topics we do not like.

Register for FREE and give it a try. You can always delete membership if you don’t like it, though we would be sad to see you leave.