How To Win the Cash Prize Competition?

Win $1000 Cash

Cash Prize this Month $1000

Do you want to Win the Cash Prize? All you have to do is earn at least 5000 credits and the most credits in a month. See below how easy it is to earn credits. You will need a Paypal account to receive it. If no-one earns at least 5000 credits in a month, there will be no winner. At the beginning of each month the competition credits are reset to zero. But, your credits accumulate for discounts on purchases and you may use these at your discretion. 

Guest Write and win the cash prize

Guest Write

This is a super fast way to get the cash prize!
Write an article on your user profile 'blog'.
IF it's approved, get 2000 credits = $20 discount.

Refer a Friend Tips Tricks and Reward

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and earn 1000 credits each,
when they sign up.
Have lots of friends? Cash Prize might be yours!

Chit Chat

You can easily Chit Chat and Group Chatter
your way to that Cash Prize!
You earn 20 credits for each post or poll.

Write Blog Comments

Earn 20 credits every time you write a comment
below any article on I love to teach.
Such an easy way to win the cash prize.

Add a Product for credits to win the cash prize

Upload Products

Gain 100 credits for each created product.
100 credits = $1 purchase discount.
So simple to get to that cash prize.

Give Feedback for credits

Give Feedback

Rate a product you have purchased
to earn credits and win the cash prize.
Spend $1 = 10 credits after feedback.