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About Love to Teach

We're the Love to Teach Team

We are a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, who help YOU sell your K-12 resources, increase your teacher productivity, so you can love to teach and live your life.

How did YOU start teaching?

For me, it began with rain pounding on the glass, leaking in through the louvres. The power went off, and the water supply, too. I gripped my husband’s arms, afraid of what would happen next, as the house shook.

We had landed in the Solomon Islands only a month earlier when my husband got posted there in a British Aid program. After that massive cyclone hit, he was busy, greeting aid flights, ferrying emergency supplies, etc. I got to work the only way I knew how. 

view from our back garden in Solomon Islands

I was invited to a local primary school and started teaching. I didn’t know a thing about teaching then, but it was working with the children that taught me how. 

A brief emergency teaching stint soon turned into seven years, in what became my dream career; But it had a shadow side – workload imbalance. Talking with other teachers, I soon realised it wasn’t just me; we all felt it.

Go HERO online PD course for work-life balance and teacher productivity

We aim to help YOU get off that time treadmill, love to teach and live your life

You know when, most of your after-school hours are spent on school work. Or you try to relax watching TV and do your school work, but neither gets done. Or you’re missing family time, and you can’t switch off, even from thinking about school.

I decided I had to do something – so I created the Go HERO quest, to work only my contracted hours, and stop taking work home. Or if I do take work home, I set the timer for one hour and get it done.

Get your FREE copy of the Go HERO Roadmap here.

We help YOU sell your K-12 resources

Open a Shop and Sell K-12 Teachers Resources

We’re all teachers and we’ve all created resources for our class. Why not brush the dust off some of those resources, open a shop for FREE and upload them to I Love To Teach 101 and earn some extra cash? 

The revenue we collect in commissions from YOUR sales helps teachers in need

Become a part of the team, helping to change the world through education (Nelson Mandela). Learn how our revenue gives teachers in need a helping hand.

Meet the team


Educator & Founder

Sylvia began her teaching career in Australia. Her Honours research investigated how teachers succeed in teaching English in an ESL context. For 15 years she lived and worked in Solomon Islands, building a school from the ground up and training teachers. 

Sylvia’s mission now, is to provide a place for teachers to share resources and master strategies that will drive their teaching and personal growth.


Educator & Manager

Peter served as Deputy Principal for the first five years of the school in Solomon Islands (SI) during the time that Sylvia served as Principal. 

Later he stepped into the School Principal position. Peter was also one of our teachers sponsored by I Love to Teach 101. 

As our Solomon Island Team Manager, Peter enables us to help students and teachers in need.


IT Engineer

Dumitru is a Php Developer with many years of experience. He is an important member of our team as he keeps watch over the site and server making sure all is safe and secure. 

If you’re facing some issue on the site with downloading or uploading products he sorts it out. 

We do not want anyone to feel frustrated or alone with an issue that can be simply fixed by our ‘Tech Issues – Fix it’ Guy!


Educator & Finance

Ray has been happily married to Sylvia for 40+ years. Ray is the official “behind the scenes” guy, for our team. Making sure the management of finances are secure. 

He also facilitates the annual Solomon Island Teacher Workshops.  

Always ready to help, Ray was fundamental to the success of the Primary School in the Islands.