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Want To Write And Be A Teacher Author For Cash?

Write for the Love to Teach Blog

Want to write for the Love to Teach Blog and become a teacher author? Teacher collaboration is the way to grow and develop as a professional teacher. Become part of our teacher collective and share your experience. 

We have two ways you can write for us. You can (a) write an article and receive credits if approved, or (b) apply to become one of our five freelance writers and earn cash. To help you succeed we have created a writing brief below.

A) Write and earn credits

Write an article as outlined below in the writing brief. Submit it on our private blog submission form, which is also explained below. Should your article be approved for publication, you will earn 8000 credits (AUD $80 discount).

B) Apply to be a teacher-author and earn cash 

I am looking for five talented school teacher authors who are presently teaching. We prefer that our Teacher authors to have at least three years of school teaching experience. Each teacher author would write one new article per school term and earn AUD 100 cash for each one.


You will need to submit an article for your chosen topic as outlined below in the writing brief and complete our google application form, which asks questions about you, your teaching interests, and your article. 

The Love To Teach Writing Brief

Make sure to read this writing brief carefully so that your article is more likely to be approved for publication by the Love To Teach Writers Panel. 

The writing brief is divided into five sections:

  • What topics can I write about?
  • What topics should I not write about?
  • How should I write the article?
  • Will ILTT check my writing for me?
  • How to submit my article?

1 - What topics can I write about?

These are the three topics presently available: teaching resources, classroom management, and teaching tips. It’s best if you choose the topic you know the most about, and you could write many engaging articles about.

Teacher Resources – Write a new article about the resource you have created and its benefits. Once the article is approved for publication, you will have to upload a copy of your resource to the marketplace (Note: the first resource that is uploaded needs to be FREE, so you might want to add a second resource that is not free).

Classroom Ideas – Any organisational ideas that work like a smooth oiled machine would be great to share. Or you might like to write an article explaining how you get past the stressful moment/s. We all get a few challenging students or parents who criticise us. What strategies have you devised that work?

Teaching Tips – An article that gives teachers practical strategies for today’s classroom. For example – distance learning, chrome books, Jamboard and other tech tools, new lesson ideas that engage your students. Write about something you do well with your students and explain how to do it. (Maybe add a video).

2 - What topics should I not write about?

We are a Christian organisation and choose not to compromise our values, beliefs or goals. Therefore, we discourage the writing of posts or production of resources that promote any form of meditation, Halloween, witchcraft etc.

Refrain from using material that is defamatory, obscene, ethnically or racially disparaging, obscene, pornographic, culturally insensitive, or inappropriate.

Don’t trivialise or discriminate others’ experiences or beliefs or push vague, delusional “proof” that the earth is flat.

We prefer that I Love to Teach 101 not be used to promote other religions. Teachers of comparative religions are encouraged to share their material so long as it is objective and fair.

Should you require further clarity on this, please do not hesitate to contact us

How stuff works - guest blogging

3 - How should I write the article?

  1. Choose a key phrase for your article. (The key phrase is basically two or three words that others might type into Google to search for your subject).
  2. Title
    Create an amazing title (Headliner Anaylzer is great FREE app).
    The key phrase should be in the title (and at the start of the title if possible).
    Try to keep the title to 60 characters or just over.
  3. Paragraphs
    The first paragraph should have the key phrase in bold font.
    b) At least five other paragraphs should weave in the key phrase.
    c) Plus, the last paragraph should have the key phrase in it.
    d) Paragraphs should not be bigger than 150 words.
    e) There should be a line space between paragraphs.
  4. Make sure the key phrase appears in at least three subheadings.
  5. Add one or three quality images. If you have taken them yourself, so they are unique – even better. Or use quality Adobe stock photos. Maximum of five images per article. (Minimum one image).
  6. Add two or three links from other quality up-to-date articles that back up what you’re trying to tell other teachers in your article.
  7. You may add ONE link in your article back to an article on your Blog.
  8. Articles should have a minimum of 1500 words, but 2500 to 3000 words are better. Though quality of writing is important too.
  9. Use a tool like Grammarly to make sure your writing is error free.
  10. Try to keep the tone of your writing friendly, like you’re chatting to your teacher friend next door but keep away from slang.
  11. Write an excerpt for your article that has the key phrase in (160 characters max).
  12. Your article must be NEW, not previously published.

4 - Will my writing be checked for me?

Hey, we check, but we HATE correcting. Please edit your article for – spelling, grammar, paragraphs, and originality. The less work you make us do, the more likely we are to approve it for publication. If you are applying to be one of our writers, you need to have your article perfect before submitting it to us. So, make sure to read the brief above.

5 - How do I submit my article?

How to submit your article:

  • Sign-up as a FREE member.
  • Hover your mouse on your Avatar top right.
  • Choose Blog from the drop-down menu, and click create.
  • Write your article.
  • Add at least one image.
  • Click submit.

Hey, why not give us a try?

I’m an Aussie teacher, with a mission to help Solomon Island teachers in need utilising the revenue from I Love to Teach 101. Join us and become part of a community of teachers who help others.

Spread the word . . .  .

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