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Go HERO quest roadmap to get more done

Get the Go HERO roadmap and learn how to get more done in less time. Go HERO can stop teaching consuming your life? Stop working 24/7 on school work and how to get more done in less time.

Who wants to work harder when you can work smarter? GoHERO is here with the answer. Go HERO’s innovative course helps you achieve maximum output in minimal time; allowing you to focus your energy on what matters most. 

Have you ever felt like times get tough and there’s just so much to get done that it doesn’t seem possible? Those school deadlines for term planners, grades and reports. Well, I’m here with a reminder that working smarter not harder can get more done without the stress. 

Go HERO gives you the tools to optimise your workflow and achieve maximum productivity in minimal time. You’ll be able to identify and build work habits that work best for you. Become more organised and gain control over your workload. 


Stop pushing the rock up-hill

If you are looking for some quick fixes to get more done in less time, here are some tips on how to start working smarter, so that you can focus on other tasks.

Working smarter is the way to go, not harder! It’s all about finding ways to work more efficiently, slashing away any unneeded work or activities. 

It’s like baking a cake – if you use pre-made ingredients and layer them together in the right combination you don’t need to work hard for hours on end just to get the same result. (Will maybe not quite the same quality . . . )

Now you know to get more done is possible, but it ain’t gonna magic itself into existence. It’s easy to get stuck in a grind where we’re just slogging away at the same tasks over and over – like when Sisyphus had to roll that rock up the hill every day

Take a step back and try to get organised – break things into little chunks, get yourself some targets, limit multitasking and get plenty of rest. By taking some time upfront to plan and optimise you’ll spend less time struggling later on!


Go HERO to ZERO your non-contracted hours

Go HERO is a 10 week online teacher productivity course. You’ll be shown how to: 

  • harness planning hacks and grab my digital planner
  • engage superhero to flip the switch on thoughts
  • refine grading hacks to stop taking papers home 
  • optimise systems for a smooth running classroom

Learn how to get more done

Working smarter means taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of what needs to get done. By breaking down tasks into smaller and more achievable chunks, we can get more of our work complete. 

It’s okay to take breaks along the way, too! Taking short rest periods helps us to be energised for when we return to those school projects, enabling us to get more done in less time – because hey, who doesn’t want an extra hour in the day? Just remember: working smarter not harder will get us all farther. 

Part of the secret to getting more done is in the habits we have developed to run our life. Think about how our school timetable works. If we have no timetable not much will get done. Chaos will reign. So, why not apply a little order to your life? Develop systems to reduce the time it takes to get repeatable tasks done at school. 

You’ll be less stressed and overwhelmed as Go HERO’s powerful strategies empower you to work smarter and get more done without running out of energy or patience. Give it a try cause working smart will guarantee extra time for rest, relaxation or whatever else your heart desires!

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