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Tips and Tricks
To Get Started on ILTT.

Tips and Tricks to get you started on I Love to Teach (ILTT). Remember, despite the fact that not everyone can nail an Australian accent, anyone can join ILTT. It’s FREE to join and the first 1000 Sellers to add 5 products, will be upgraded to PRO, free of charge, for 12 months.

private Links

Your Private Links

Your private links are found under your Avatar.

  • Your Avatar, is top right of any page. 
  • Touch your Avatar, a menu will appear. 
  • To logout find the logout icon top right.
  • Blog link, to submit a guest article. 
  • ‘My Downloads’ link, to find your purchases.
  • ‘Sellers Dashboard’ link enables you to add digital products 

Extra tip: If you’re not a Seller you won’t see the ‘Sellers Dashboard’ link, it’s hidden, so don’t panic.

your Avatar

Add your Avatar to get started

Use a photo of yourself, or a flower or an object . . .

  • Touch your Username top right of any page.
  • Click the ‘About’ link in the drop down menu. 
  • Touch the big camera and add a photo.
  • Use the small camera to add a cover image. 
  • You can change these images at any time.
A further tip:  if you want your Market Stall to stand out make it different by adding a cover image. We all love visuals.


What's Community Chat

A place to collaborate about ideas you have.  

  • Can’t find a digital product on the Marketplace that you need?
  • Post a request on our private Facebook style ‘Chit Chat’. 
  • A Seller might make a product to meet that need and add it to the marketplace.

Add a product

How to add a product to love to teach

Note, this tip only applies to Sellers.

  • Click the ‘Sellers Dashboard’ link.
  • Describe your product and choose some categories.
  • Add an eye-catching cover image
  • Add your product file/s – pdf, ppt, video, anything
  • Price and submit your product for approval

Your first product must be FREE. This enables visitors, to test the value of your products. So, make it quality.

get help!

Tip for getting help
  • Simply scroll down to the Support section in the footer for help. 
  • Find more tips and tricks to help you in the Knowledge Base.
  • If that doesn’t work, click the ‘Help‘ button, bottom right.
  • Or use a cleverly named resource, the ‘Submit a Request‘ form.
  • If that fails, contact us.

Please do not send us pictures of random insects found in your basement – just because we’re Australian does not mean we can identify your creatures.

Tips and Tricks

We hope these five tips and tricks helped you and if you need further help, just contact us.

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