Teacher Registration
and Teacher Permanency

Teacher Registration we all have to undergo. Graduate Teachers always find it challenging to undergo the procedures for Teachers Accreditation in Australia, and with a move from State Teaching Standards to National Teacher Registration, it is more of a pick-and-shovel. So, this book is an answer to the almost unending questions of any graduate teacher in Australia. If you’re elsewhere in the world it could improve your teaching too.

It must be noted that you should and must read the prescribed documents set down by the Registration Board. However, if you want a gentle way into understanding the regulations this ebook is a must to read.

Smooth Measures into Teacher Registration

Matthew Green as the author, an educator and a mentor is vehemently displayed in the orderly arranged presentation of his knowledge in the teaching profession. He simplifies the terms associated with the National Professional Teaching Standards making it a breeze to read.

“Overcoming Accreditation Disasters” is specifically written by Matt, to try to repudiate the conclusion drawn by “a study conducted in . . . Teacher Resilience, 2010 which states that . . . between 25% – 40% of Teachers are likely to leave the profession in the next five years” (p.4). Teachers help Teachers by sharing what they have learnt in a timely fashion, preventing new teacher turnover. Matt helps new teachers to evidence good professional practice “through real-life teachings, stories, innovative teaching resources, assessment, new teacher support programs and mentoring” (p.4).

The Book Simplifies the Standards

Teacher Registration

Matt divides the book into 3 different sections. Professional Knowledge [standards 1/2] focusing on you the teacher, knowing your subject thoroughly. Professional Practice [standards 3/4/5] focuses on the process of teaching and the implementation of engaging teaching programs and how the lessons are delivered. Plus the monitoring of student learning. Thirdly Professional Engagement [standards 6/7] which focuses on your ability to critically evaluate your professional career and continued professional development.

Creating “A walkthrough of each of the Teaching Standards” each catering for a distinctive problem starting from what Teacher Registration really is to the standards embedded in the whole process..

FREE – contact Matt @ imanewteach.com

Matt uses straightforward language throughout the book to capture all his evidences of professional practice, so as a reader, do not expect any sort of irrelevances that could, by any chance, bore you or get you mentally exhausted that you may feel you have not learnt anything at all. Throughout Matt creates and maintains a rapport with his reader.

The connection between the book and the author’s real-life experiences intertwine as you read the guide making it an easy read. A graduate teacher will quickly see Matt as a friend and a teacher who knows his craft, knowing that he is just not a writer who understands the standards needed for Teacher Registration and pens it down but rather a professional who has experienced and can, therefore, relate to everything that he illustrates as he writes. In other words, this book is just not an abstract guide but an achievable and realistic one.

Getting Teacher Permanency can be Difficult!

Applying for permanency in Australia is complicated and can take years to attain. I was one of the lucky few who got a permanent contract but many including a good friend of mine has been on a temporary contract for years. However, try not to worry about that in your first year. Enjoy your students, make class fun, try to to have downtime. Listen to Florence an Aussie Primary School Teacher – who explains how to apply for Permanent Teaching Positions in NSW.

Solution to Teacher Accreditation process

One of the best ways to get evidence of teaching practices is reading Matt’s book. Apart from the tone being educational and motivational, the book is more informative accompanied with professional practices than the everyday standard list provided by the Teachers Registration Board. As a contribution to the supporting documents compiled by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited (AITSL), the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and other agencies, this book is an enhancing material for graduate teachers who wish to step on higher gears in their teaching careers.

For further readings of this book and more, you should visit Matt’s official website for new teachers at imanewteacher.com and add of course any comments you may have below.

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