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Our stories provide personal development, teacher reflection, and classroom management ideas and solutions, that are easy to read and practical to use.


Personal development stories we love to share

Personal development stories that help you make the best use of your time and energy. It shows you how other teachers have found ways to be more resilient. Learn how to work smarter and prioritise your time. You might like to try out these simple strategies for resolving overwhelm and becoming a more productive teacher. Or add a story of your own.

power of happiness to kill stress
Sylvia Skinner

The Power of Happiness to Kill Stress

“Hey, are you okay there? You look a little stressed,” Mike’s girlfriend, Linda, said as he stared blankly off to the side. Surely it can’t be stress, I love teaching.

ilovetoteach101 Routines poster

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Morning routines

Morning Routines are about setting the tone for the day.  A strong classroom morning routine is consistent, with clear classroom procedures that students know. 

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Teacher reflection Stories that are practical

Teacher reflection stories that help you to self-assess the effectiveness of your teaching on learning. Reflection is critical to your continued growth as a teacher. It shows you other methods that teachers are using effectively and new developments in education and how to make them work in your classroom. You might like to try out these ideas in your teaching practice. Or add a story of your own.

New Teaching Strategy
Sylvia Skinner

A New Teaching Strategy You Must Use

Teachers are always in pursuit of any new teaching strategy that will result in the most effective way to not only teach students, but to inspire them . . .

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Classroom management Stories that really work

Classroom management stories that help you to find tips for organising your classroom and managing student behaviour. It shows you new classroom strategies and other ideas that teachers are using to great effect. You might like to try out these practical methods that work for other teachers in your classroom. Or add a story of your own.

Bulling in schools
Sylvia Skinner

Is it Possible to Conquer Bullying In Schools?

“Hey, half-caste! Get back to where you came from!” I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. As teachers let’s explore what we can do to prevent bullying or help those kids who are being bullied.

Classroom Economy and how it works wonders
Sylvia Skinner

Classroom Economy And Why It Works

“Wow, the second bell has only just rung, and they’re already back in class and working! That’s amazing!” Victoria gasped. “It’s because of the new classroom economy system I’m using,” I explained.

Emotional Intelligence - 5 ways you can teach it
Sylvia Skinner

Emotional Intelligence: 5 Ways You Can Teach It

Emotional intelligence is more important than getting a great IQ. Teach your students how to identify, control, and communicate their emotions appropriately, with these 5 practical lessons.

Julie Schoen Reviews my ebook Benefits of Brain Based Learning

Read the ebook Review – on Medium

by Julie Schoen.