Stop Teacher Burnout and Reignite Your Passion

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Stop teacher burnout isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a silent epidemic we all ought to confront. Let me hit you with some hard truth: it can encroach upon even the most devoted educators, subtly eroding our zest, fervour, and dedication to our craft.
For over a quarter of a century, I’ve been immersed in the vibrant world of teaching, and every moment has only deepened my passion. It’s the very heart and soul behind my website, ‘I Love To Teach 101’. But let’s not sugar coat things; love, however deep, isn’t always a shield against burnout.
Teaching across Australia, and the distant shores of the Solomon Islands, I’ve seen and felt it all. There I was, teaching my bubbly class of Foundation students – with no prep periods, training student teachers, spearheading school initiatives as principal, all while drowning in paperwork.
Sylvia teaching the Foundation class in the Islands
Yes, that's me teaching my Foundation class in the Solomon Islands
I absolutely, love to teach, but like any great passion, there are times when the flame starts to flicker. So, here’s the golden question: How do we stop teacher burnout and fan those flames back into a roaring fire?

Teaching: the love affair can sometimes fizzle out

I bet you didn’t get into teaching for the weekends off or the holidays. It’s the spark in a child’s eye, the breakthrough moments, and the knowledge that you’re making a difference. But like any long-term relationship, sometimes you need to find ways to rekindle the passion.

It’s crucial to stop teacher burnout before it snuffs out your enthusiasm entirely. I’ve walked the same corridors, faced the same challenges, and felt the same exhaustion. And trust me, the underlying thread remains consistent – burnout is real, and it’s lurking around the corner.
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Pinpointing the culprits behind teacher burnout

“The data suggests we are looking at a profession in crisis,” noted Associate Professor Aliza Werner-Seidler, earlier this year, Feb 2023. So, let’s play detective. Teacher burnout doesn’t just wake up one day and announce, “Hey! I’m here!” It slowly creeps in.
It’s that inexplicable exhaustion, the fleeting thoughts of “Is this all worth it?”, and the creeping dread of Monday mornings. The challenge? Identifying the early signs, those silent alarms. It’s about being intuitive, understanding when we’re swaying off track, and adjusting our sails before we’re too far out at sea.
burnout can creep up on you

Stop Teacher Burnout and turn the tide

As president Angelo Gavrielatos of the NSW Teachers Federation pointed out, “Unsustainable workloads mean teachers are burning out and kids are missing out.”

This vividly captures the urgency. Teaching is dynamic, and it constantly moves, shifts, and surprises. And just like the changing tides, we must be adaptable. Sometimes a slight change in routine, a fresh perspective, or a new strategy can make all the difference.
This 3-day Experience Course is about introducing those little nuggets of change to not only stop teacher burnout but to thrive in its wake. Because let’s face it, waiting for the storm to pass isn’t an option. We dance in the rain, we adapt, and we find the sunshine even on the gloomiest days.
Freedom from teacher burnout

Recharge, Renew, Re-energise

Picture this: The clock’s ticking, the game’s tough, and it feels like the odds are against us. But, in the most challenging moments, champions rise. It’s about taking that deep breath, finding our ‘why’, and charging forward with renewed vigour. Even if today’s teaching highlight was that doodle during the staff meeting or that brief respite during recess, tomorrow can be about triumphs and breakthroughs. We just need the right tools, the right mindset, and a sprinkle of determination. 

Stepping into the light

Deep down, that fiery passion for teaching still burns. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs, shake away the weariness, and step back into the luminous glow of what brought you to teaching in the first place. Together, we can pave the path forward, providing you with strategies, support, and insight to stop teacher burnout and reclaim your fervour. Join me in this 3-day mini course and let’s collectively put an end to teacher burnout.

This 3-day experience course will start Jan 2024

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