5 Tips and Tricks to Get Started on ILTT

Tips and Tricks to get you started on I Love to Teach (ILTT). Remember, despite the fact that not everyone can nail an Australian accent, anyone who is a school teacher can join ILTT.

1 - Private Links

Your Avatar Opens your private links.

My ILTT private links

Stream – Chit Chats you are having.
About – change profile and preferences
Blog – submission form for article.
Membership – membership details.
Credits – details of earned credits.
Competition – details and end dates.
Add a Product – this is for SELLERS.

My Downloads – your purchases.
My Invoices – purchase details.
Refer a Friend – sharing buttons.
My Wishlist – products you favourite.
Group Chatter – social groups.
Chit Chat – private social network.


2 - Create Your Avatar

You can be Anonymous and Picture your favourite object

  • Touch your Avatar top right.
  • Click the ‘About’ link.
  • Touch the big camera (bottom left) and add a photo of yourself, a flower, a sports car, or anything else that comes to mind.
  • Use the small camera (top right) to add a cover image
  • You can change images any time.

3 - Our Private Social

Chit Chat is our Private social to collaborate And Chill

Chit Chat
  • You can post a request for resources you can’t see on the Marketplace.
  • Or Chit Chat with other Sellers and earn credits to win the monthly giveaway.
Xtra tips and tricks:  hey – remember to always be polite and refrain from using any inappropriate language.

4 - Add a Product

touch your Avatar, click 'Add a Product' and do the 6 steps below

How to add a product to love to teach
  1. Describe It – title, excerpt, description, and product photo (jpg/jpeg).
  2. Add Categories – choose the edu levels, type and subjects that fit your product.
  3. Files & Videos – ie worksheets, instruction sheet, slide shows, pdfs, clip art, and a teaching video if you wish (video is optional)
  4. Price & Publish – your FIRST product must be FREE. Publish and submit it.

    Xtra Tips and Tricks: If you’re too busy, we can make your products for you. 

5 - Get Help!

Meet our knowledge base

ILTT Knowledge Base
  • Scroll down to the footer and touch the ? icon. 
  • Find more tips and tricks to help you in the Knowledge Base.
  • If that doesn’t work, click the ‘Help‘ button, bottom right.
  • Or use a cleverly named resource, the ‘Submit a Request‘ form.
  • If that fails, contact us.

Xtra Tips and Tricks: Please do not send us pictures of random insects found in your basement – just because we’re Australian does not mean we can identify your creatures.

Need more Tips and Tricks?

We hope these tips and tricks help you but if you need further help, please contact us. If you haven’t joined us yet, why not give us a try? It’s free!