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De-clutter in Waves for Organising a Classroom with Sylvia

Organising a classroom can be a challenge.  Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Those bulging cupboards, neglected books, and messy resources are driving you crazy! Well, fear not, in our classroom organisation challenge, we break it down into bite-size chunks.

Picture this: we start with a quick sweep, just like a superhero cleaning up the city. We’ll get rid of all that obvious stuff cluttering up your classroom, making space for greatness. Then, we ride the waves of organisation, going back for more decluttering sessions. 

Each day of the course, we’ll serve you up some simple tasks that you can knock out quicker than a lightning bolt. Organising a classroom has never been easier. All you need to do is implement just one or two tasks each day, and you’ll be on your way to classroom organisation bliss. 

Learn how to use the Kondo method for organising your classroom

organising a classroom in waves

The 5 day challenge will give you tools, tips, and real-life experiences based on the Kondo method of decluttering, to start organising a classroom. Each day I introduce a new category but I don’t follow the Kondo method rigidly.

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If you want to, you can read ‘Teacher in Control’ by Sylvia Skinner first, and then take the course to help you implement what you’ve learned better.

As soon as you sign up for the challenge, the 6 day countdown will start. There’s a day zero for the day you sign up and the kick-off activities. Then 5 days for the challenge but if you prefer to self-pace and take longer that’s your choice.

As long as you need it, for your personal use only.

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I am really excited about what I Love to Teach has to offer. It's a real way to support us in our busy and often overworked occupation.
Sylvia has a unique blend of professional expertise, ability to motivate and at the same time make the whole experience enjoyable.
JULIA LEE- Teacher
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Want to read how to get organising a classroom, rather than do the course?

Teacher in Control - A complete classroom organisation guide

Learn how to change or enhance your mindset to create a productive learning environment with tools, tips, and real-world experiences in this helpful classroom organisation guide. 

‘Teacher in Control’ is included in the classroom organisation course but you can purchase the book on Amazon for less than a dollar. A substantial part of the book’s revenue directly helps teachers in need in the Solomon Islands.

Former Principal Dr Melissa Caudle now author, writes that, Teacher in Control by Sylvia Skinner is an example of an effective handbook that any educator can refer to, regardless of experience. You’ll not only be shown actionable steps to establish and maintain an organised classroom, but you will come to understand the philosophy behind organisation in teaching. 

How organised are you really

How organised are you really?

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For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.

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