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Open A Shop For Free And Sell Your Unique K-12 Resources

Open a Shop and Sell your K-12 Resources

Open a shop to sell your K-12 resources, and half the commission collected helps teachers in need. We will upgrade you to PRO for five years free of charge if you are one of the first 1000 teachers to upload twenty resources.

I’m an Aussie teacher on a mission to help Solomon Island teachers in need using half the revenue from I Love to Teach 101. 

Why open a shop and help teachers in need?

I lived and worked overseas for 15+ years in the Solomon Islands. We were asked to help build a school. Next, I was asked to train teachers, teach a class, and become principal of the school. 

Now it’s one of the top schools, but it’s only ONE school. 

Solomon Island children are fortunate if they get to go to school, as there are not enough schools for every child. Plus, many teachers receive little revenue, and sometimes none at all. 

I decided to create I love to Teach 101, so that every time YOU sell or buy a product or course on, half the revenue enables us to give a helping hand to teachers in need. 

Open a shop and become a part of the team today, helping to change the world through education (Nelson Mandela).

Do I have time to open a shop?

You may be thinking, I already have so much to do to stay on top of all my school work; I don’t have time to open a shop.

Yes, I know. You love to teach, and though it’s the most rewarding job in the world, you have to manage your classroom, plan lessons, grade work, and keep those kiddos motivated to learn.

BUT, you’ve already put in the work by creating resources for your own students. Now you only have to tweak them for I Love to Teach 101 to look nice and help other teachers and students.

Not only will you get some extra income, but the commission collected will directly help teachers in need.

Plus, I have a PD course: ‘The Go HERO quest that helps you learn smart work habits and a few secret tricks to get all your school work done within your contracted hours.

Aren't there too many teachers selling resources?

You may feel that there are already too many teachers online selling their resources. Will I’ve got news for you, there are billions of teachers globally, and only a tiny fraction are selling resources.

Plus, none of them have your unique teaching style. So start packaging your resources and add them to I Love to Teach 101.

If you’re already selling your resources on your blog or elsewhere, then open a shop and add a copy to I Love to Teach 101. We only ask that you keep the prices the same.

Do you have a course to teach me how to sell?

Yes, a ‘Teachers SEO and Sell Your Own Resources’ course is due to come out soon. Those who are already members and have uploaded at least five resources can choose to purchase the course with a 50% discount.

how to change your avatar

How do I add my K-12 teaching resources?

  1. Tap your Avatar top right, and your private links will appear.
  2. Tap ‘Add a product’, and a submission form will appear.
  3. Add a quality photograph (landscape view) of your resource. 
  4. Add a title, a short excerpt, and detailed information about your resource.
  5. Add the grade level/s, product type, and the subject/s it’s suited for.
  6. Add ppt or pdf documents (and any mp4 videos).
  7. Price your resource but your FIRST product MUST be FREE.

How much does it cost to open a shop?

The Cool Shop membership is FREE forever and you keep 85% of all your sales.

Pro members keep 95% of all their sales. Plus, we hate extra fees, so we do NOT charge them.

We will upgrade to PRO for five years FREE of charge, the FIRST 1000 teachers to upload twenty K-12 teachers resources.

Open a shop, sell your resources, and help us make a difference in the lives of teachers and students who have less than us.

Spread the word . . .  .

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