Make Time To Relax

Make time to plan your break. Don’t over schedule! Just brainstorm the things you’d like to do on one sheet of paper. Circle five things only you would like to do and give so many days to each one.
These are my five – sort the house, read a book, exercise outside, do something different, and plan next semester.

1 Sort the House

At the start of the holiday I try to make time to sort, store, and discard. During school time, so much stuff accumulates at home with the different projects I’m trying out. I try to keep on top of it at school but somehow it doesn’t quite work like that at home. Starting this way, while I’m still in work mode, just for one day, makes for a lovely relaxing environment.

2 Read a Book

Find a book that will relax you. That will engulf your mind in another world. It can be anything, but not one that evokes stuff about school life. That’s cheating. Remember this is supposed to be a break from all things school. Give your brain a break and read something entirely different from school stuff. Make time for your brain to recharge. You will be more amazing next term for doing this.

3 Exercise Outdoors

Hey you’ve been stuck inside your classroom for how long? It might not be summer where you are but your body still needs to get out in the fresh air. So there’s no excuse to stop you from getting out there. A change in environment makes all the difference. Make time for a walk each day in a place you haven’t been before if you can’t get away on a holiday. You might even meet someone and make new friends outside of work.

Relax . . . .

4 - Do Something Different

Make time  to do something that is entirely different and separate from work. My husband goes fishing, while I draw and paint. We can literally go at it a whole day and not realise the time. Plus we get to eat lovely fish at the end of it and possibly enjoy viewing a new painting of the place we visited. We take time to sit and relax on the verandah, chatting about stuff and enjoying being together.

5 - Plan Next Semester

I try to do a lot of this in the first semester while assessing students needs from task results. I also have a whole year outline from the beginning of the year. So, I only have to spend two to three days writing it up as a curriculum document for the second half of the year. In the big summer break at the start of the year here in Oz, I also try to read a book that will help me become a better teacher.

There are numerous ways that one can make time to relax in the holidays. So, make time and plan a little. If we don’t we just might burn out and be of no use to anyone.

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