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Why ILTT market?

ILTT Market was set up to help teachers who love to teach, create what they know into teaching products to share and sell on the I Love to Teach (ILTT) Market.

There are a lot of people who would love to be able to create a cool teaching product to teach others something, while being able to make a great living (even get rich!) from home, sitting in front of their computers. To make that become a reality you have to create products out of what you know and then get it out there to the world. But the Web has millions of little sites lost and unseen. So, we created the Love to Teach Market to collectively get our teaching resources shared and help others in need at the same time.

We thought to make it fun along the way too by adding a referral system and a monthly cash prize. Simply earn the most credits in a month to win it!

Market for What?

We aim to provide a collective Market space. A place where every seller has a Market Stall of their own to sell their teaching products on the ILTT Market together.

Do you remember the markets of old, where sellers shouted their wares from their stall? Maybe some of you are not old enough? The plate stall was my favourite at the “Bull Ring” Market in Birmingham, UK.  Each Saturday, Dad would take us, and we’d watch the seller drop plates to the ground to attract passers-by to his plate sets for sale. Crash! There goes another – and the price is going down, Dad. Let’s buy it! No, wait – there goes another – smash! Price down again!  But now the web means we can Market to the whole world!

Ideas for creating products

What products can you create for the ILTT Market? You are surrounded by ideas, if you just look. Start by searching down the ILTT Market menu. If we don’t have a classification there that you really need, please send in a request. We can’t say yes to everyone but we will try our best to accommodate.

Do your friends ask you for help? Are you a school teacher with resources and lesson plans sitting around? You just need to polish those teaching resources, add a bit of simple instruction on how to use them and make them look good. Remember we’re all busy and no teacher wants to wade through drudge. 

Or maybe you have ideas rolling around in your head and you’ve tried them out but don’t need to create a worksheet. Then make a video of your ideas and share them on Love To Teach Market so other teachers can benefit from them. You can share them for free or charge for them. 

 If its a video for the students to watch and learn from, maybe you could add a worksheet or some teacher instruction sheet or pamphlet so any teacher can get ideas how to use your amazing resource.

Chit Chat - social network

Chit Chat

We have a private social network (like Facebook), where teachers of all kinds can collaborate to improve their ideas and products.

So why struggle along alone? Why not co-labour with others? How about a collaboration to refresh your product ideas, that gives you access to loads of new ideas, plus opens up useful chats with those just like you, all facing similar needs and challenges?

On the ILTT Market you can link up with teacher creators from anywhere and everywhere. You now have a place to come and help yourself, and to help others. Come to chat or enquire, to upload and sell your teaching products, or browse and buy teaching products from others. And all at great prices!

If you can’t find what you need on the ILTT Market, post a request on ‘Chit Chat’ our private social network. Love to Teach Sellers might create a product that meets that need.

We have a School Teachers Collaboration group for those who need to share about school things. Plus, there’s a Sellers Group for creators who want to share broader ideas for creating teaching and learning products. You can of course join both groups. It’s your choice. We might create other collaborative groups as we grow. 

We also have a credits system to motivate members to post on the social platform. Credits can be used for discounts on purchases. Plus each month the member gaining the most credits wins a cash prize. Some months it is as much as $1000.

ILTT Market Products

We want to help you turn what you know into an opportunity to teach others and help to change the world through education, in the broadest meaning.

Love to Teach products are created by people who love to teach what they know. Some are teachers in the academic world and some are not. Read their bio to find out what their speciality is.

Sellers create online teaching products and earn money by  providing teachers with resources to teach others what they love to teach. Sometimes though the how and why is more important than the what. So add in explanation of how you have used your resource.

Every time a visitor to the ILTT Market makes a purchase, it helps a teacher in need. Since, a substantial part of the profits from the sales of products will go to teachers in need in low income countries like Solomon Islands. The ‘Love to Teach Foundation’,  has been specially set up to make this happen.

Love to Teach members can also become more involved, if they wish, at our annual workshops in the Islands where we give our teaching knowledge for free.

Write for the Blog

The Love to Teach Blog, is where you’ll find tips to improve your teaching, strategies to empower learning, ways to keep organised and how to use technology. Love to Teach members can write articles for the Blog. If your article is approved for publication, you will receive 2000 credits ($20 discount). Which you can use to purchase products but also use to win the monthly cash prize!

Our private social network is integrated with the blog comments and are displayed on the social stream as members post comments below the blog articles. There are badges to gain for involvement and more credits are gained for this interaction on the ILLT Market.

Before you start writing, we strongly recommend you to read the Writers Guidelines. Note, all articles MUST be approved by the Love to Teach Writers Panel before they will be published to the live site. 

The best way to get approval is to make your article sincere and share what you love to teach in a unique way. Maybe you have a true story to share both failure and success, as we all learn from our mistakes.

Shaping the Future

By bringing each other’s creative passions and love for teaching together – we hope to provide a platform that will benefit many teachers across the globe.   The ILTT Market, is committed to sharing collective knowledge, and to getting useful information and practices into each other’s hands.

It’s all about helping, and above all helping our learners – not just children in school but people of all ages everywhere – with the best available resources we can develop and bring to the Market.

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