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ILTT Exciting Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program records ILTT credits for all the actions you do on I Love to Teach 101 (ILTT). These actions are: referring a friend, uploading products, giving feedback on purchases, guest blogging, and posting on our private social Chit Chat.

Rewards - Win Cash

ILTT credits change into discounts ie 1000 credits = AUD $10. You can spend the credits whenever you wish on ILTT resources. 

The credits accumulate separately for the teacher giveaway competitions. When a new competition begins everyone starts at zero again; but you keep your credits until you spend them.

Refer A Friend Rewards

Refer a Friend Tips Tricks and Rewards

Refer a Friend Rewards is easy as, to gain credits super fast. You could easily win the CASH bonus  if you refer lots of friends. 

This is how to do it. First touch your Avatar top right of any page. Then click the ‘Refer a Friend’ link in the dropdown menu. Next choose one of the social or email buttons to share.

Your referral link tracks who you shared with and who signed up. If they sign up, you both receive 2000 Credits ($20 discount).

Product Upload and Feedback Rewards

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For each digital resource you upload you earn 500 credits ($5 discount) for each digital product you add to your Love to Teach Store. 

So, if you have a heap of teacher resources already on your blog or elsewhere, just copy them onto I Love To Teach 101 and heap up your rewards before you even start selling.  

Every time you rate a product you have purchased you receive more credits. These credits are calculated according to how much you spend on the purchased product. So, for every $10 you spend, you will receive 100 credits after you have given feedback on it.

Guest Blogging

Write for the Love To Teach Blog

To Guest Blog, you must be an I Love To Teach member, to get a private link to your own blog submission area. If your article gets approved by the Writers Panel, you will receive 8000 credits ($80 discount).  

Rewards for Social Posting on Chit Chat

Social Chit Chat tips tricks and rewards

You can easily Chit Chat and Group Chatter your way to more rewards! You earn 100 credits ($1 discount) for each post you create on our private social network. To use it find ‘Chit Chat’ on your private links. Every time you write a comment at the bottom of any article on the ‘I Love to Teach Blog’, you earn 100 credits. Such an easy way to grow your credits to win the Teacher Giveaway.

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