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ILTT Exciting Rewards Program

I Love to Teach 101 rewards

Our Rewards Program records ILTT credits for all the actions you do on I Love to Teach 101 (ILTT). These actions are friend referrals, product uploads, feedback on purchases, guest blogging, and posting on our private social Chit Chat. 

Credits can be used for purchases and are used as points in our teacher giveaways and cash competitions. 

How do ILTT Credits Work?

ILTT credits change into discounts. For example 1000 credits = AUD $10. You can spend ILTT credits whenever you wish on ILTT products.

The credits accumulate separately for the teacher giveaways or cash competitions. When a new competition begins, everyone starts at zero again; but you keep your credits until you spend them.

Rewards - Win Cash
Teacher giveaways

Teacher Giveaways or Cash Competitions

All members will be informed when a new teacher giveaway or cash competition starts. They usually run for one month to give everyone a fair opportunity to earn credits.

When a competition is running, a competition link will appear in your private links dropdown. Note – we need at least 1000 members for a competition to run.

Remember on your competition link; you will see zero credits at the start of any competition. But on your credits link, you will see an ongoing balance of the total number of credits you have accumulated. You never lose ILTT credits until you purchase a product.

Refer A Friend Rewards

Refer a Friend Tips Tricks and Rewards

Rewards for friend referrals are easy as – to gain credits super fast. You could easily win the CASH bonus if you refer a lot of friends. Your friends also receive the same reward in credits.

  • First, touch your Avatar top right of any page. 
  • Then click the ‘Refer a Friend’ link in the dropdown menu. 
  • Next, choose one of the social or email buttons to share.

Your friend referral link tracks who you shared with and who signed up. If they sign up, you both receive 2000 Credits ($20 discount).

Product Upload and Feedback Rewards

how stuff works - product upload

For each digital product you upload to your ILTT shop, you earn 500 credits ($5 discount).

So, if you have a heap of teacher resources already on your blog or elsewhere, make a copy of your resources and upload them to your ILTT Shop. Heap up your rewards before you even start selling. 

Every time you rate a product you have purchased, you receive more credits. These credits are calculated according to how much you spend on the purchased product. So, for every $10 you spend, you will receive 100 credits after you have given feedback on it.

Guest Blogging Rewards

Write for the Love To Teach Blog

We have two ways you can write for us. You can write an article and receive credits or apply to become one of our five freelance writers and earn cash. Make sure to read the writing brief.

You can write an article and submit it on our private blog submission form. Should your article be approved for publication, you will earn 8000 credits (AUD 80 discount).

We are looking for five teacher authors who are presently teaching. We prefer that you have at least three years of school teaching experience. Each writer would need to write one new quality article per school term and earn AUD 100 cash for each one.

You will need to submit an article as outlined in the writing brief and complete our google application form, questions about you, your teaching interests, and your article. 

Rewards for Social Posting on Chit Chat

Social Posting Rewards on ILTT Chit Chat

You can easily Chit Chat and Group Chatter your way to more rewards! 

You earn 100 credits ($1 discount) for each social post you create.

  • First, sign up as a FREE member to get your private links.
  • Then, touch your Avatar top right of any page. 
  • Next, tap the ‘Chit Chat’ link in the dropdown menu. 

Every time you write a comment at the bottom of any article on ‘The Love to Teach Blog’, you earn 100 credits ($1 discount). Such an easy way to grow your credits to win the Teacher Giveaway.

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