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The I Love to Teach Blog, is where you’ll find ideas to improve your teaching. Do you want to write for the ILTT Blog? You can earn 2000 credits which will give you a $20 discount, and help towards winning the monthly cash bonus! Make sure you read the guest blog Guidelines or the summary below.

Project Based Learning
Teaching Tips
5 Ways to Utilise Project Based Learning

Project based learning (PBL) is a unique method to teach students. It establishes their problem solving and critical thinking skills. PBL enables students to collaborate with others.

Make Time to Relax
Make Time to Relax

Make time to plan your break. Don’t over schedule! Just brainstorm the things you’d like to do on one sheet of paper. Circle five things only you would like to do and give so many days to each one. These are my five . . . . .

What is the ILTT Marketplace For?
ILTT Guides
What is the ILTT Marketplace for?

The ILTT Marketplace is all about helping people who love to teach and create what they know into a teaching product. That will help others to learn . . . .

Inclusion Agenda good or bad
Empowering Students
Beth Thomas
The UK inclusion agenda: right for everyone?

I’ve been mulling over the UK inclusion agenda . . . but on a personal level, it has been hard to find . . . an appropriate school for my teenage son who has autism and sensory processing disorder.

ILTT Marketplace helping teachers in need
ILTT Guides
How Helping Teachers In Need Helps You

Our mission at ILTT is helping teachers in need. We empower YOU to make profitable gains in keeping 90% of your sales, while ILTT aid teachers in need.

Become a Professional Teacher
Teaching Tips
Be a Professional Teacher

Be A Professional Teacher So, you’ve completed your teaching degree but becoming a professional teacher requires more than that. Being

I Love to Teach Blog Approval

All articles MUST be approved by the ILTT Writers Panel before publication. The best way to get approval is to make your article sincere and share what you love to teach in a unique way. Maybe you have a true story to share or something you have researched and put into practice.

Guest Writing Guide Lines Summary

First, it’s good if you have a key phrase in bold font in the first paragraph. We like it if the title and at least three paragraphs have the key phrase.

Second, the I Love to Teach blog readers like short paragraphs ie no bigger than 150 words. We also like lots of subheadings so we can scan your article to see if its something we want to read. Please make sure at least one subheading has your key phrase in it, so its SEO happy. Plus, we prefer articles to be a minimum of 1000 words.

Third, you must add at least one quality stock image, or even better would be your own unique photo. You can add up to five images because we just LOVE them, as we’re all visual learners. If you want to add a video from YouTube or one you made yourself then add the link. 

Lastly, you should make sure you know which topics we do not like.

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