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How To Give Teachers In Need A Helping Hand

Hi, it all started on a sunny pacific island where malaria can kill. Where english is a fourth language and teachers get paid peanuts or Taru (a root veg) if they’re lucky.  I’m an Aussie teacher, on a mission to help Solomon Island teachers in need using the revenue from I Love to Teach 101.

How the Island Adventure Began

It was back in 1986, the same year, my hubby was posted from UK to Solomon Islands as part of the British Aid Programme. 

A month into our arrival, Cyclone Namu hit. My hubby, the then chief pharmacist for the Islands, was busy organising emergency supplies and possible evacuation of the central hospital. While I was left to fend for myself in a foreign land.

I wondered what I could do to help with rebuilding . . . . 

I met Solomon Island teachers in need, who were super committed given that many receive very little salary. They carry on in spite of this without complaint. So, when I was asked to help with teaching in a local school, I jumped in.

The climate was constantly HOT and HUMID and the scenery is not unlike views in ‘Death in Paradise’, which is one of the reasons I love to watch it. This was one of the stunning views from a house we lived in later, (our first house there, was in a valley).

view from our back garden in Solomon Islands

At school, 72 pairs of brown eyed pre-school students stared with interest at their new teacher. That is not a typo, classes are very big in the Islands. 

All were eager to learn from their new young teacher fresh out from England. I wasn’t yet trained to be a teacher so I had to learn on the hop. I found I loved to teach, spending each day helping  children unravel their uniqueness. It’s wonderful to see a child fall in love with learning.

The International Teachers and Principal at the school, encouraged me to get my teachers degree when we returned to UK. Which I did, after we emigrated to Australia.

I’ve never forgotten the teachers there who struggle on with little resources. So, I created I Love to Teach 101, to facilitate teachers, sharing and selling resources, and raise revenue to help Solomon Island teachers in need.


Helping teachers in need Is our joy

We use the revenue from selling resources and courses, to give students and teachers in need, a helping hand, one Starfish at a time. Like Mandella, I believe education can change the world.

We train & support teachers in need

About Us - helping teachers in need

I Love To Teach seeks to provide quality educational  resources to use in remote under-resourced schools in Solomon Islands. Eileen Fomani, in the photo, was trained and sponsored by I Love to Teach 101.  Eileen was my first trainee teacher, she is now a sought after primary teacher in the Islands.

ILTT Foundation Helping Others

Love to Teach Foundation

Every time you make a purchase or a sale, you help the Love To Teach Foundation give a helping hand to Solomon Island teachers in need. If you wish, you maybe interested in taking a holiday and giving up a day to share your teaching skills at our annual Education Workshops in Solomon Islands? Contact Us for more info on how stuff works in the Love To Teach Foundation.

one starfish at a time

Helping teachers in need one starfish at a time

Giving a helping hand to students and teachers in need may seem insignificant. However, there is a story originally written as the ‘Star Thrower’ by Loren Eiseley, a philosopher and  teacher, who explains the importance of little things.

Here’s my simple paraphrase. There was a woman who saw a boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. When she asked the boy what he was doing. The boy replied, “I am throwing the starfish back into the ocean so they do not dry up and die.” She replied “But just like the sand on the beach, It’s impossible to throw ALL the starfish back into the ocean”. 

The boy looked at the starfish in his hand. As he gently threw it back into the water, he said “It mattered to that one.”

The Love To Teach Team

About Love to Teach

We are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds (one of us is an IT whiz whose mum is a teacher and three of us are educators). Learn more about us here.

Why not become a part of the tribe?

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Whether you take time to read our educational musings or complete one of our courses, or choose to purchase from our online shop, or open a stall in our shop, know that you are truly making a difference in the lives of teachers and students who have less than us. Help us by adding resources of your own.