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How to get Easy Professional Development for Teaching?

As teachers we are required to complete professional development to keep us up-to-date on new research, productivity and tools for the classroom.  Earning the hours required can be challenging for busy teachers. 

I created Go HERO – to gain work-life balance fast. There are limited spots available for the Early Bird Price, so act fast. Scroll down and take a look.


Go HERO: work/life balance

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GO HERO for work/life balance

Learn 5 powerful hacks that will cut your take-home work, outside school hours by 50% in just ten weeks so you can restore your work-life balance.

Early Bonus 50% discount - act fast! 20-hr PD certificate
Personalised digital teacher planner for early birds
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Creativity and Critical Thinking
In the Classroom

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Creativity & Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Experience creative thinking skills yourself
Strategies to teach creative thinking skills
Coming APRIL 2021


Blog Mastery for teachers

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Blog Mastery for teachers

How to set up and run your own teachers' blog.
How to run a classroom blog.
How to get your students creating their own blogs.
Coming JUNE 2021

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