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How to Easily Achieve Teacher
Work-Life Balance Success

The GO HERO Course reduces your after school hours by 50% in 10 weeks

Teaching is taking up your life

Always Working

Work never seems to finish?

Not being with family

Love Teaching

But it’s taking up your life?

Always working - marking students work

Feeling Guilty

Not being with your family?

Experience Work-Life Balance Success


9 hours work, 7 hours life, 8 hours sleep – per day
And weekends free!

3 days out of 5 you take no work home

I used to take work home every day and triple for the weekend. Planning is essential after-all.

Why? – Because I didn’t want to get behind.

Not anymore!

My simple system stopped that.

I used to think about school work even when I wasn’t physically doing it. I would be devising in my head some new way to arrange the classroom. 

Why? – Because I wanted the students to be switched on.

Not anymore!

I found a way to Flip the switch immediately!


I used to get distracted with thoughts about unfinished work or students who were not coping with school.

Why? – Because I wanted to find a way to help them.

Not anymore!

One simple trick stops those thoughts dead in their tracks.

I used to take a cartload of marking home every night and work long into the night but it never finished. 

Why? – Because I just might get it all done.

Not anymore!

It’s just my handbag and one slim file of papers or nothing.

Work-life Balance


What's Inside?

  • 4 short Video Trainings per module – on the Xperiencify platform
  • 4 short Practical Applications per module (XP points)
  • Go HERO for work-life balance success course book
  • Digital Teacher Planner  
  • Other surprise bonuses during the course
  • Private social group – fortnightly check-ins, post for XP points
  • 20 hour professional development certificate of completion
  • Early Bird Price – gets 50% discount & the Planner personalised
21 Day money back guarantee
Sylvia the founder

About the Course Teacher

Sylvia Skinner

Sylvia has 25+ years of teaching experience and research expertise. She has helped build and grow a school from the ground up, trained 100s of teachers and taught 1000s of students.  In the constantly changing field of teaching, it is her mission to provide easy online PD for teachers to master strategies that will drive their teaching growth.

What People say About the course Teacher

Sylvia Skinner

What's in the Modules?

Use a Time Audit tool to discover how you really are using your time, get organised and on that road to work-life balance success.

Hunt your superhero to knock all your goals down fast so you can get more done so you can start reducing your non-school hours.

Eliminate excessive hours of planning with fast planning hacks that work! This will save you oh so much time!!!

Refine your classroom productivity – create structure with routines so you can reduce your after school hours further.

Optimise grading with assessment tricks so you can reduce the hours you spend on assessments.

Give Feedback as part of being beta testers for this program. Get Your 20 hour Professional Development Certificate of Completion.

Download the Go HERO Course Blueprint here.

Early Bird discount - Limited Spots Available

Beta Test the Course and get 50% off

  Make sure to use the discount code HERO2021 on the Invoice.


Early Bird Price
AU $ 97 code - HERO2021
  • Video Trainings
  • Digital Teacher Planner
  • Planner Personalised
  • Planning & Grading Tools
  • 20 hour PD Certificate
  • Points, Gifts & Prizes
21 Day money back guarantee

Full Money Back Guarantee starts on the first day of the course 12th Feb 2021.

The bonus digital teacher planner is released to you in module 3. The personalisation of your digital teacher planner will happen during course time.

Sylvia Skinner

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a timer on the course page to keep you on track . However, if you choose to go at your own pace, that is also ok, you just can’t compete in the points system. 

We work on one module per fortnight. Each module has four trainings.
Week A: two
 or three trainings are released.
Week B: one 
or two trainings are released.

We do one module per fortnight. 

– 2 hours study per fortnight
– 2 hours implementation per fortnight

You get to keep the course materials forever, for your personal use.

The course videos and materials are all accessed on the Xperiencify platform. 

Training videos and materials are released week by week as you go through the course so as not to overwhelm you with too much material. 

Use the blueprint to see the different stages in the course. You can download the blueprint above.

We have a 21 day money back guarantee – NO questions asked. 

The 21 days begin from the FIRST day of the course.

No, not at all. You may use anything you like.

However, the digital planner has been designed to help  you to work faster.

At the end of the course, you will receive your 20 hour Certificate of Completion.

Payment is made through Stripe, via the Xperiencify course platform invoice system. 

Your card details are NOT seen or recorded by ilovetoteach101 or Xperiencify. 

Contact Us

Any queries you may have about the course please email us.