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How to connect and solve those problems fast

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3 Ways to Deal with Email Productively

While email may have cut down on paper waste (the jury is still out on that one), it sure hasn’t cut down on the volume of information people receive. 

If your inbox is out of control, you will likely need a few tips on learning how to tackle your email properly to boost productivity and connect better with others.

1. Unsubscribe to lists that you don't need

Anytime you buy something online, you will end up on a mailing list. Sometimes this is excellent because you are informed of sales or other information you need about the topic. Mostly this will fill your inbox with distractions that take away from the reason you have email. 

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2. Check email one to three times a day

Are you one of those people who constantly refreshes their inbox, waiting for the next email to arrive? Well, I have a little tip for you. Instead of dedicating your entire day to checking email, set a limit of three times a day. Whether it’s work-related or not, there’s no need to spend hours scouring your messages. Trust me, you won’t miss anything essential. In fact, you’ll be able to focus on the things that truly matter and get them done without distractions. So, quit being a slave to your email and take control of your day.

3. Use email rules to control email

Even if you use free Gmail, the software can do a lot you might not realise. It’s a treasure box of hidden gems! Did you know you can create folders and set up rules to have specific emails go straight into those folders? If you want to unleash its full potential, put on your explorer’s hat and start digging around to uncover all the little secrets it has to offer!

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Connect with people

The main thing is that you should not feel as if you need to connect with people right away. Switch off your phone notifications and don’t look at your email. That way, you will be able to devote your time to things that get results. You can train your contacts to be more efficient too. 

The thing I loved the most - and still love the most about teaching - is that you connect with an individual or a group, and see that individual or group exceed their limits.

Mike Krzyzewski