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How Stuff Works on
I Love to Teach 101

To get you started here are TEN quick tips and tricks that explain how stuff works.


Get started with the work-life balance quiz

1 - The Work-Life Balance Quiz

Discover what's your work-life balance success level. The quiz takes just three minutes to complete. When you get your results you'll the Balance Act Infographic, a 3-day work-life balance challenge and a few gifts.

Go HERO work-life balance course

2 - Go HERO for work-life balance

Go HERO, applies 5 powerful hacks that will cut your outside school hours by 50%, in ten weeks. This will get your work-life balance on track and rebuild your creative energy so you can get your magic back into teaching. There are limited spots available for the Early Bird 50% discount and my digital teacher planner personalised. The course includes a 20 hour professional development certificate. 

K-12 Awesome Resources

3 - Shop for K-12 resources

As teachers we all have resources we have created. Perhaps you have some sitting around collecting dust. Why not open a shop, update those resources and sell them. The best resources are those created by teachers and we'd love to see yours uploaded to I Love to Teach 101. A substantial part of our revenue is used to give a helping hand to teachers in need.

How stuff works - guest blogging

4 - How does guest blogging work?

Want to write for the blog?  You need to be a member, to get a private link to your blog submission area.  Plus you need to read the rules so you know how your article can get approved and receive credits.

How stuff works - Your Private Links

5 - How do I get to my Private Links?

Click your Avatar top right and your private links will appear in a drop down. The list pictured above tells you what each link does. Only members can see the private links, so if you want in, go ahead and touch that pink button!

how to change your avatar

6 - How do I change my Avatar?

Click the image top right
Then the 'About' link.
Touch the big camera to add an image of your face or whatever.
Touch the small camera top right
to change your seller's store image.

How to add a product

7 - How do I add my teacher resource?

Tap your Avatar and 'Add a product'
i - Photo - add an image
ii - Description - title, excerpt, infor
iii - Categorise - edu, type, subjects
iv - Files - documents and videos
vi - Price - first product must be free

Sellers Dashboard

8 - How do I get to my sellers dashboard?

Tap your Avatar and 'Add a product' - it's the shortcut to your Sellers Dashboard.  The brown buttons at the top will take you to the different parts of your dashboard. The pink button goes back to add a product.

Rewards Program

9 - The Love to Teach rewards program

Our Rewards Program records credits for all the actions you do on I Love To Teach. We do NOT charge you any hidden fees. We take a minimal commission to run the site and we give a third of our profit to help teachers in need.

Knowledge Base

10 - Want more tips on how stuff works?

We have 150 articles in our knowledge base to help you, learn more about how stuff works. We've tried to make some of the tips and tricks fun to read too. Tap FAQs at the bottom of every page to get to the knowledge base. Need to contact us tap contact and complete the contact form. We'll get back to you asap within one working day.

If you haven’t already you can check out our memberships here.