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How stuff works - routine guide

Table of Contents

How Stuff Works on I Love to Teach 101

Before explaining how stuff works, here’s my FREE routines guide for increasing productivity you might like. 

Are you a school teacher who loves to teach and make resources for your students to learn better?  Then you’re in the right place. 

We need your unique resources. A substantial part of our revenue is used to give a helping hand to teachers in need.

Below find eight tips and tricks that explain the basics of how stuff works.

How stuff works - guest blogging

1 - How to Guest Blog?

Want to write for the Love to Teach blog? You will need to sign-up, to get a FREE private link to your own blog submission area. All articles MUST be approved for publication so read the writing brief. Want to get paid for writing? Apply to become one of our teacher authors.

How stuff works - Your Private Links

2 - Get To Your Private Links

Click your Avatar top right and your private links will appear in a drop down. The list pictured tells you what each link does. Only members can see the private links, so if you want in, join us for FREE.

how to change your avatar

3 - Changing Your Avatar

a) Tap the image top right, then the 'About' link.
b) Tap the big camera to add an image of your face or whatever.
c) Tap the small camera top right to change your shop image.

Open a Shop and Sell Your Stuff

4 - Open a Teachers Shop

As teachers we all have resources we have created. Perhaps you have some sitting around collecting dust. Why not open a shop, update those resources, upload them to your Love to Teach shop and sell them.

How to add a product

5 - Add a teacher resource

You can only do these steps if you have signed up to 'Open a Shop'.
Tap your Avatar and 'Add a product'
i) Photo - add an image
ii) Description - title, excerpt, infor
iii) Categorise - level, type, subjects
iv) Files - documents and videos
vi) Price - first product must be free

Sellers Dashboard

6 - Get to Sellers Dashboard

Tap your Avatar and 'Add a Product', to get to your Sellers Dashboard.  Tap the brown buttons to display your earnings, products and orders.
Tap the pink button to go back to the 'Add a Product' form.

Rewards Program

7 - Our Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program records credits for all the actions you do on I Love To Teach. We do NOT charge you any hidden fees. We take a minimal commission to run the site and we give a substantial part of our revenue to teachers in need.

Knowledge Base

8 - More on how stuff works

We have 150 articles in our knowledge base to help you, learn how stuff works. We've tried to make some of the tips and tricks fun to read.
Tap Info in the menu, then 'FAQs' or tap the 'Help' button at the bottom of any page to get to the knowledge base.

If that doesn't work for you, tap Info in the menu, then 'contact us' and complete the form. We'll get back to you asap within one working day.


Routines GUIDE for Productivity

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