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This Course is for K-12 Teachers

Does it feel like you’re working 24/7 on school stuff?

Love Teaching

But it's taking over your life?

Always working

But work's never finished?

Feeling Guilty

Not being with your family?

How Will This Course Help Me?

The Go HERO course provides professional development on time management for educators who want to reduce teacher workload and improve student learning.  

You will learn to:

  • time block using a Digital Teacher Planner
  • use real practical ways to do less and gain more time
  • focus on ONE Superhero (one major goal) to knock the others dead
  • harness, engage, reflect and optimise your Superhero power - so you don't need complicated to-do-lists
  • use four practical strategies in the classroom with your students to reduce workload
  • - harness class procedures, engage students in a library hub, use a reflection tool, and optimise students time cycles

Go HERO Course

Here's What You'll Get When You Enrol

  • Course Book – 34 pages
  • Cheat Sheet – 11 pages
  • Digital teacher planner – 2 yrs, weekly & monthly hyperlinked & dated
  • One FREE Editable Classroom Economy package to save you time
  • Six, 5 min videos 
  • Four podcasts, one for each of these modules: 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Access to the private Chit Chat Social (like facebook) group to collaborate
  • A professional development certificate of completion – 20 hours 
    (6hrs study, 14hrs putting it into practise)
Sylvia Skinner - Helping Teachers in Need

About the Course Teacher

SyLvia Skinner

With 25+ years of teaching experience and research expertise, Sylvia Skinner helped build and grow a school from the ground up, trained teachers and taught 1000s of students.  In the constantly changing field of teaching, it is her mission to provide easy online PD for teachers to master critical strategies that will drive their teaching growth.

Gain More Time by doing less

USE Your Superhero

I Love To Teach 101 Giving Teachers in need a helping hand

What People say About the course Teacher

Sylvia Skinner

What's in the Modules?

Intro Go HERO Instructor Sylvia

Intro the HERO Quest – Harness, Engage, Reflect and Optimise, your Superhero.

Intro Go HERO – Digital Teacher Planner. The planner has 2 years of weekly and monthly planner pages which are dated and hyperlinked. Plus numerous Teacher Admin pages and a Go HERO Activity section. The digital planner works on an iPad with a pdf reader like the GoodNotes App. Which enables you to write with the apple pencil on your planner. Or you can print the pdf planner and use the printed copy.

Harness your Superhero (main goal/aim): the one to knock them all dead. Using one secret ingredient that works, without using complex to-do lists. It enabled my success in reducing teacher workload, like nothing else did.

Harness your students’ brainpower and energies with classroom procedures and set up a class economy to accomplish it. Teaching students procedures will save a lot of time and zone their energies into more productive learning and free up your time for the tasks you must do. My classroom economy package is included to use as your own class economy or take ideas from. (You should not resell/share the package).

Engage your Superhero to KISS when planning and completing tasks.

Engage students in a classroom library hub. It not only increases their reading competence but their attitude to learning. It changes relationships between students and it develops a great classroom culture. I demo how I accomplished this and how you can too; releasing more time for productive tasks.

Reflect on how well your Superhero power is working. More time saving strategies and a reflection chart.

Reflect and assess – teach students to do this using the ‘Minute Speech’ strategy.
It enables teachers to assess learning in a relaxed real context. Instead of spending countless hours after school in endless assessments when the student is not face to face with you. I learnt this valuable strategy from an Educator at my first PD workshop in my first year as a teacher. The Edu Department wanted to make sure first year teachers were supported. Listen to the podcast where I share how to implement this.

Optimise your Superhero power. One of the tools you will use is your natural productive time cycles . . .

Optimise students ultradian rhythms or we can call them time cycles. We need to teach our students how to regulate their brain time cycles or classroom management will be a tough road. This is a brain based learning strategy that will save time in your classroom for more productive learning.

Conclude your first HERO quest with a celebration and plan the next quest

Compile your Submission for PD Certificate – from 4 planner activities you completed over the 3 weeks

  • Screenshot your Superhero page in your digital planner.
  • Screenshot 3 weeks of your planner to show your tasks plan. 
  • Screenshot  3 weekly reflections from your Go HERO planner.
  • Photograph or/and write a paragraph about one of the classroom activities you tried out.

Certificate of Completion – 20 hours PD
(6 hours study, 12 hours implementation, 2 hours compile submission)

Simple to Implement

GET your life Back

Most teachers need to work a 60 hour week when it should be 40 hours. This one secret ingredient gave me back so much time to spend with my family. While still doing what I love and that is to teach. It works! It’s simple – Start Now!

Professional Development

20 hour certificate


Reduce Teacher Workload
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