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Fun Professional Development Courses for K-12 Teachers

Discover fun professional development courses that will increase your teacher productivity and creativity.

Teacher Productivity

Go HERO quest for Teacher Productivity

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GO HERO quest for teacher productivity

Want to learn how to work only your contracted hours? I help teachers get more done in less time by teaching smart work habits.
Take Me to Go HERO


Creativity In the Classroom

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Creativity in the Classroom

Experience creative thinking skills yourself
Strategies to teach creative thinking skills
Coming APRIL 2021


Blog Mastery for teachers

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Blog Mastery for teachers

How to set up and run your own teachers' blog.
How to run a classroom blog.
How to get your students creating their own blogs.
Coming JUNE 2021
How to give teachers in need a helping hand


I Am Sylvia Skinner.

With 25+ years of teaching experience and research expertise, I have helped build and grow a school from the ground up, trained 100s of teachers and taught 1000s of students.  In the constantly changing field of teaching, it is my mission to provide easy online PD for teachers to master strategies and smart work habits that will drive their teaching growth.


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