Energise your classroom organisation in 5 easy steps

Teachers come and play the 5-day challenge and energise your classroom organisation. The timer begins as soon as you sign up!

Classroom Organisation in 5 Easy Steps

Learn to organise your classroom the Marie Kondo way

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What have you got to lose?
It only takes 20 to 30 mins a day.

Improve your classroom organisation:

  • Get focus and commit to organising your classroom
  • Imagine your ideal classroom organisation
  • Declutter first and get rid of those old unused items that are making your classroom look like a bomb hit it
  • Organise by category, not location
  • Follow the right order
  • Ask yourself if it sparks joy!
How good is your classroom organisation

You Start each day with a short video, do a fun activity in our private facebook group and earn XP's, to win some bonuses on the way.

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Yes the classroom organisation 5-day challenge is FREE!

As soon as you sign up for the FREE challenge the 6 day countdown will start. There’s a day zero for the day you sign up and the kick-off activities. Then 5 days for the challenge.

The course videos and materials are accessed on the Xperiencify platform. You get a magic link as soon as you sign up.

This is a free course, so 7 days after you sign up, you will lose access to the materials. – So use them or lose them!

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What others say . . .


I have known Sylvia for thirty years both as a friend and fellow educator. She has a unique blend of professional expertise, ability to motivate and at the same time make the whole experience enjoyable.

Mrs Julia Lee is a K-12 Teacher, and supervises and assesses education students for the University of Western Australia.

Julia Lee - recommends I Love to Teach 101
Beth Thomas


I am really excited about what I Love to Teach has to offer. It's a real way to support us in our busy and often overworked occupation. Regardless of where we are in the world, we all have one thing in common and that is wanting the best for the students we work with.

Mrs Beth Thomas is an Early Years Teacher and associate lecturer at the University of Chichester, West Sussex, England.

Beth Thomas


I have found Sylvia Skinner a joy to work with: a dedicated teacher and inspirational leader, who raised others’ expectations of their abilities and who demonstrated in her attitude and work output what could be done.

Mr Simon Marsh the Head Teacher – leader at St Mary Magdalene School, Islington, London, for 19 years.

Simon Marsh - supports I Love to Teach 101



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