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Our Stories Archive hold all the stories; teachers love to read. You will find personal development, teacher reflections, and classroom management ideas and solutions. They are easy to read and practical to use.

power of happiness to kill stress
Sylvia Skinner

The Power of Happiness to Kill Stress

“Hey, are you okay there? You look a little stressed,” Mike’s girlfriend, Linda, said as he stared blankly off to the side. Surely it can’t be stress, I love teaching.

Bulling in schools
Sylvia Skinner

Is it Possible to Conquer Bullying In Schools?

“Hey, half-caste! Get back to where you came from!” I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. As teachers let’s explore what we can do to prevent bullying or help those kids who are being bullied.

New Teaching Strategy
Sylvia Skinner

A New Teaching Strategy You Must Use

Teachers are always in pursuit of any new teaching strategy that will result in the most effective way to not only teach students, but to inspire them . . .

Classroom Economy and how it works wonders
Sylvia Skinner

Classroom Economy And Why It Works

“Wow, the second bell has only just rung, and they’re already back in class and working! That’s amazing!” Victoria gasped. “It’s because of the new classroom economy system I’m using,” I explained.

Emotional Intelligence - 5 ways you can teach it
Sylvia Skinner

Emotional Intelligence: 5 Ways You Can Teach It

“Would it kill you to be a little kinder?” Baron, asked his partner, who seemed devoid of emotional intelligence. Interviewing witnesses was near impossible. We need to teach our students Emotional intelligence more than IQ.

5 Amazing Classroom Management Strategies
Sylvia Skinner

5 Amazing Classroom Management Strategies

Miss! – Tim took my yellow chair!’ cried Anna. ‘I didn’t, it’s mine!’ Tim shouted back. Perhaps I should use that classroom management strategy I read about recently.

Education changes the world
Sylvia Skinner

Education can Change the World

Education is the key to change the world. It reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace.