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Standard Emoji Clipart

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This Emoji Clipart set contains 72 different Standard Emojis Faces:



<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Angry Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Anguished Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Anxious Face with Sweat

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Astonished Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Confounded Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Confused Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Crying Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Disappointed Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Downcast Face with Sweat

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Expressionless Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face Blowing a Kiss

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face Savouring Food

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face Screaming in Fear

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face with Hand Over Mouth

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face with Monacle

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face with Open Mouth

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face with Raised Eyebrow

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face with Rolling Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Face with Tongue

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Fearful Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Flushed Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Frowning Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Frowning Face with Open Mouth

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grimacing Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face with Big Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face with Heart Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face with Sweat

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face with Tears of Joy

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Squinting Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Hugging Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Hushed Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Kissing Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Kissing Face wit Closed Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Loudly Crying Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Lying Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Nerd Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Neutral Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Partying Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Pensive Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Persevering Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Pouting Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Relieved Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Rolling on the Floor Laughing

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Sad but Relieved Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Shushing Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Sleeping Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Sleepy Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Slightly Frowning Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Slightly Smiling Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smiling Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smiling Face with Halo

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smiling Face with Hearts

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smiling Face with Sunglasses

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smiling Winking Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Smirking Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Squinting Face with Tongue

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Star-Struck

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Thinking Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Tired Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Unamused Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Upside-Down Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Weary Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Winking Face with Tongue

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Worried Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Yawning Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Zany Face

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Zipper-Mouth Face


71 BW line art faces included (1 less than the total because the Angry Face and the Pouting Face are the same when they are Black and White)


That is 143 images altogether!



I started off making my emojis with blue eyes. Then I thought…but why should they only have blue eyes? So I decided to make versions with green eyes and brown eyes and include  them…for free!

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Each Emoji face that has open eyes comes with 3 different colour versions:

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>blue eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>green eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>brown eyes

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Grinning Face with Heart Eyes comes with 3 different colour versions:

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>red hearts

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>pink hearts

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>purple hearts

<!– [if !supportLists]–>·         <!–[endif]–>Star-Struck comes with 3 different colour versions:

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>Blue Stars

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>Green Stars

<!– [if !supportLists]–>o   <!–[endif]–>Purple Stars


That all adds up to 108 BONUS images!


All images are saved as PNG files at 300 dpi. They are large, at approximately 7 inches x 7 inches each, and can be scaled up or down as needed.


You may like to take a look at my other clipart, including my other Emoji Clipart, and my other products in my store.


PLEASE NOTE: WHEN PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PDF DOCUMENT WITH A LINK TO A GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER. THE CLIPART IMAGES ARE IN THIS FOLDER. When you click on this link, you will be able to VIEW this folder and DOWNLOAD the files, but not edit anything in the folder. You do not need to have a Google Account for this to work. This means that if I ever add anything to the folder, you will be able to access the updated images!


Many of my products are 50% off for the first 48 hours after I upload them! So be sure to come back to my store often so you don’t miss out on these amazing deals!



All designs and images from Colleen’s Cosmic Collection are the creative property of Colleen Schwartz.


As the original purchaser of this product, you have permission to use it for personal or commercial purposes. This licence is only for 1 person and is non-transferable. If more people wish to use these graphics, they need to purchase separate licences.


Personal Use:

You may use images purchased from Colleen’s Cosmic Collection in any way for your own personal and non-commercial creations with no restrictions!


Commercial Use:

ALL CLIPART IMAGES purchased from Colleen’s Cosmic Collection may be used either as Regular Clipart or as Movable Clipart. Please see here for more specific requirements when using as Regular or Movable Clipart.

No matter how you use the images commercially, you need to give me credit and add a link to my store.


Please note that all computers and printers are different, so when printed, the colours in this resource may not appear the same as when viewed on your computer screen.


Please consider leaving feedback on this product. To do this, you can go to your “My Downloads” tab and rate any products you have downloaded. I would love to know if you are happy. If you are not completely satisfied, please send me a message in the question/answer section, so I can make improvements as needed. Leaving feedback will earn you ILTT credits towards future purchases.

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