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Solve a story problem

Start by planning the problem effectively and then you’re more likely to have a great story.

Ten clips to show just the main problem of the movies they’re from. To support children’s story writing planning – help them to unpick what a problem can be and how to identify what will help them solve it.

1)The little mermaid (Her voice)
2) Frozen (an act of true love – of your sister)
3) Finding Nemo (a stone)
4) Tangled (her hair)
5) Monsters Inc. (laughter and the final splinter of the door)
6) Aladdin (the lamp)
7) Toy Story (the match in Woody’s pocket)
8) Beauty and the Beast (the magic mirror)
9) Storks (The bird’s pride)
10) Paddington (Mr Brown’s attitude)

I do not own the copyright for any of these clips, merely the combination and key questions between.

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Subjects Literacy, Literature, Writing
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