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Numbers Puzzles 2

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Number Recognition, counting and shape matching, all rolled into one with this fun snaking puzzle!


Your students will practice number identification as they find the correct puzzle pieces to match the number of shapes they count in this puzzle. They will also need to match the shapes correctly.



Select the pages you need.

You can print the puzzle either in Colour or in Black and White.

There are also variations of the pieces with the numbers 1 and 4. Choose the pages with the number formations that suit your needs.

Print your chosen pages.

Cut out the puzzle pieces and laminate.

How to Use This Snaking Puzzle:

Your student must find the “Start” piece and place it down.

They then count the number of shapes on the second half of the piece.

They must find the next piece by looking for the matching number symbol, as well as the matching shape.

Once they find the piece, they place it down.

Only the correct piece will fit, so they will know immediately if they are right or not.

They repeat this process until they have placed all the pieces down, ending with the “Finish” piece.


In this Number Recognition resource you will get:

26 different puzzle piece with number 0-5 on them. Colour and BW versions are both included.

Other pages: Cover Page, Contents (clickable for easy use) and Information


I have included variations of the puzzle pieces with the numbers 1 and 4 on them in an attempt to provide for people in different places who write these numbers slightly differently. These variations are included for FREE.


There are 15 pages, plus 8 BONUS pages altogether.


You may like my other Number Concept resources, as well as my other products, in my store.


All art created by seller.


Many of my products are 50% off for the first 48 hours after I upload them! Follow me if you would like to receive email notifications about my new resources.


Please note that all computers and printers are different, so when printed, the colours in this resource may not appear the same as when viewed on your computer screen.

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