Magic Pudding

Magic Pudding

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A Cultural Play with Activities

The Magic Pudding play will deepen your students thinking and create fun-filled experiences.

The 45 secs demo video shows how two of my Year 6 students in Media Arts, introduced the Magic Pudding Play at an ‘end of year’ school presentation. I have edited out the parts where they recorded students in the class.

The students used a few snippets from the 10min YouTube by ‘The Solomon Islands’ Arasuka’aniwara panpipe band’. Your students might like to watch this.

The Magic Pudding Play is a real Solomon Island Custom story, transformed into a FUN cultural play. It has been written for 10 or 20 or 30 students to perform for an assembly or end of year performance.

I have used the play with over twelve classes and each performance has been loved by the audience.

I have included a series of cultural activities

Which can be spread through the school term. It depends on how deep you want your students to go. There are NO worksheets.

English – persuasive writing: What is a need/want?
Art – make Lava Lava’s and wear in performance
Maths – plan a Solomon Island holiday
Soce – compare habitats
– collect water, 1 hour walk activity
– motu oven activity & procedure writing

Preview – Magic Pudding Preview

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