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Brain Based Learning Ebook

Brain Based Learning

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Want to learn ten brain based learning strategies? Each chapter is packed with practical application. A “toolkit” that fits any teacher program, for a more effective way to actually teach the students in your classroom.

In ‘The Benefits of Brain Based Learning’  each chapter includes a definition, function in the brain, benefits to learning, and how to practically implement it in your teaching immediately. 

Short fast and quick. One or two hours and you will have read its 60 pages and be either confirmed in what you’re already doing or tooled up to make improvements. It’s an ongoing process but this gives you a framework for what you do.

The ebook summarises Brain Based Learning into 10 strategies. They fit neatly into an acronym created by Sara Hileman. 

  1.  Brain time clock
  2.  Repetition
  3.  Active learning
  4.  Images
  5.  Novelty
  6.  Be colourful
  7.  Auto learning
  8.  Social brain
  9.  Elicit emotions
  10.  Develop thinking

You can find the first two strategies on the blogpost
– https://ilovetoteach101.com/ten-things-to-remember-if-you-love-brain-based-learning/

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Read the ebook Review – on Medium

The Benefits of Brain Based Learning and Why Every Teacher Needs to Rethink How They Teach, by Julie Schoen.

By keeping The Benefits of Brain Based Learning in your “toolkit”, you commit to the idea that there is a smarter, healthier, more effective way to actually teach the students in your classroom. And, in doing so, your role as a teacher isn’t just relegated to the one-dimensional realm of “giver of information”. Instead, you become an invaluable mentor, someone who your students will remember, and thank, for years to come.

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