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Some teacher wellness stories we must share

As teachers we are continuously on the go, so we need to take seriously our physical health, emotional well being and management of our time. 

Morning Routine for the Professional Teacher
Sylvia Skinner

Ultimate 30-Minute Morning Routine

Who wants a morning routine that will take you hours to complete? Teachers do not have that kind of extra time in the morning.

Time Management - the ivy lee method
Sylvia Skinner

1 Stupid-Simple Time Management Method

When you’re working over 40 hours a week, time management is important. Trying to balance personal, social and work life, your school days can get crazy.

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Morning routines

Morning Routines are about setting the tone for the day.  A strong classroom morning routine is consistent, with clear classroom procedures that students know. 

Student Empowerment Stories that are practical

Finding ways that teachers have enabled students to take control of their own learning. Using practical theory and methods that work well in the classroom. 

teaching remotely - photo by bram-naus-n8Qb1ZAkK88-unsplash
Sylvia Skinner

10 Easy Tips for Teaching Remotely

Teaching remotely does not need to be dreaded. You just need to familiarise yourself with the online class setup, learn any unfamiliar computer technology . .

Read a book for online classess
Sylvia Skinner

How to get Students to Online Classes

Getting all your students to attend online classes can be frustrating. Why not grab attention with unusual Project assignments? Read books and check-in.

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Classroom management Stories that really work

Read about effective classroom management. Perhaps you might like to write and submit a story about a strategy you have used and works well in your classroom?

Social Skills - photo by janko-ferlic-zHJ4ph3GRyg-unsplash
Sylvia Skinner

5 Social Skills Games Students Shouldn’t Miss

Having an adequate amount of social skills is critical in blending in with one’s environment. They familiarise us with the needed cultural, political, and religious norms of our respective societies. They are the cement that holds up the building bricks of any community.

Affirmations for Kids - photo by john-mark-smith-rlFMOAkLQRc-unsplash
Sylvia Skinner

Affirmations for Kids and Classroom Culture

Positive affirmation for kids is a positive and refreshing way to reverse negative internal messages. We need to step in and help kids change the classroom culture. Student to student affirmation notes is one way to do this.

Classroom Economy and how it works wonders
Sylvia Skinner

Intro to Classroom Economy And Why It Works Wonders

Classroom Economy is a powerful way to help students to focus and become involved in active learning. For more than ten years, I have run a classroom economy with great success. Let me introduce you to its wonders.