Digital Gratitude Journal: with 52 prompts


Spending just fifteen minutes a day writing in your digital gratitude journal can do amazing things in your life! It can be carried anywhere on an iPad so when you have a moment you can make a note.


Spending just fifteen minutes a day writing in your digital gratitude journal can do amazing things in your life! It can be carried anywhere on an iPad so when you have a moment you can make a note.


The Digital Gratitude Journal has Victorian images to colour

Each prompt has two pages with lines to write on, framed with Victorian images to colour and relax. All prompts are hyperlinked so you can get to any page in the digital gratitude journal when you want. Each prompt has a mandala frame and a Victorian to colour if you wish, with space to write



A digital gratitude journal will help you note those simple things you achieve. You don’t need to find great big things to fill the pages. Writing in the digital gratitude journal will help you start seeing all the simple things in life to be appreciated and be thankful for by recording them in your journal.



Gratitude keeps you focused on the good things that exist in your daily life. Once you start a digital gratitude journal, you are “on the lookout” for good things—both big and small. Imagine what your life would be like if you focused on the positive instead of the negative every day! 



Keeping a digital gratitude journal gives you the chance to reflect on what you can do to help others. It also enables you to be thankful for what others do for you and not forget to thank them. It improves your relationships with people around you because you look for things about others to appreciate. It’s easy to find fault, but once you start showing appreciation for the people in your life, your relationships will grow.


Enhance sleep

People who keep this kind of routine journal tend to sleep better because they often reflect on their day before bed, which gives them a sense of calmness.


Less stress

Whether you’re living in a stressful situation or just thinking back to one, your body doesn’t know the difference. It will still fire off all of those stress hormones and create the same physical, mental and emotional tension, whether or not the event is currently happening. By focusing on the positive, you avoid the stress reaction.



You can think of gratitude as a mental and emotional muscle that you can build with daily exercise. If stuff goes wrong in life and your gratitude muscle is weak, you’ll struggle to find a silver lining in those storm clouds. But if you already have an excellent daily gratitude habit, then your gratitude muscle will be resilient and well-trained. This means life’s challenges don’t knock you off course as much.


Get the Digital Gratitude Journal 

Have you ever read articles about how people like Oprah or Tony Robbins start their day? They claim the practice of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to change your life, and they are living proof. Keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent way to start noticing and counting your blessings. It’s simple, yet powerful. 

Maintaining a journal might seem a hassle at first, but the benefits far outweigh perceived time commitments.

  • Recall incidences that were positive. Things and people that you’re grateful for should be written down. Enjoy the experience of feeling the sense of wellness that accompanies gratitude.
  • Write down little acts of goodwill shown by family, colleagues, and strangers. A good time to do this is right before bed. Keep your journal by your bedside to remind you to journal each night or at least once a week.


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