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Busy Teachers, we have to do professional development (PD), so why not have FUN while you do it. So, I added gamification powered by Xperiencify – creator Murray Gray, to all our courses for teachers online to increase your enjoyment and success. More about why below but first let’s take a quick look at the courses.

Classroom Organisation

FREE 5-day classroom organisation challenge using the KonMari method.

Boost Creativity

Learn how to unleash your students creative powers with practical exercises.

Power Thinking

Introduce your students to the power of critical thinking skills.


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Gamification the power behind our courses for teachers to have fun while completing professional development.

To help you get the course done with ease and enjoyment, each of our courses for teachers online have XPs (Xperience Points), random variable rewards, and bonuses to gain before the countdown stops. 

Plus a private Facebook group for each course with fun activities while completing Professional Development (PD) hours or Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). 

Whether we’re, young or old, we all love playing games. If you want to get your students motivated on a dry topic set a Kahoot quiz. They’re hooked from start to finish. Adults are no different.

All the most addictive app games give POINTS for taking action, adults and children alike and they work! Take the game Monopoly, kids and adults play it and it becomes supper addictive.

Points work in the classroom too with our students? I run a classroom economy and it’s amazing what my students will do for points. Their dopamine buttons get triggered and projects get done with ease. 

But for some reason, no-one used them in online courses, until Xperiencify

Gamification for our courses for teachers

People Forget Courses.
They Remember Experiences!

Murray Gray

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Free Roadmap

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My Digital Planner

Improve your productivity with my teacher digital planner. It can be purchased in the shop or get it FREE with the Go HERO course.

What others say . . .


I have known Sylvia for thirty years both as a friend and fellow educator. She has a unique blend of professional expertise, ability to motivate and at the same time make the whole experience enjoyable.

Mrs Julia Lee is a K-12 Teacher, and supervises and assesses education students for the University of Western Australia.

Julia Lee - recommends I Love to Teach 101
Beth Thomas


I am really excited about what I Love to Teach has to offer. It's a real way to support us in our busy and often overworked occupation. Regardless of where we are in the world, we all have one thing in common and that is wanting the best for the students we work with.

Mrs Beth Thomas is an Early Years Teacher and associate lecturer at the University of Chichester, West Sussex, England.

Beth Thomas


I have found Sylvia Skinner a joy to work with: a dedicated teacher and inspirational leader, who raised others’ expectations of their abilities and who demonstrated in her attitude and work output what could be done.

Mr Simon Marsh the Head Teacher – leader at St Mary Magdalene School, Islington, London, for 19 years.

Simon Marsh - supports I Love to Teach 101



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