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Course 1

Get focus

10 Ways to Get 'Focussed'!
A mini course, to help create a focused environment, organising your home and work spaces.
Identify distractions, use good time management, learn to say no, turn off notifications, relax, exercise, establish work boundaries, regularly tidy up your home and workspace, and keep searching for new exercises and techniques to improve your focus.
Inclusions: Activity book, Course book, and a Cheat sheet. There are no videos.

Get Focus

5 lessons - 5 hours
Coming June 2020

Course 2

Reduce Teacher Workload

Hey, LOVE teaching but it's taking over your life?
Always working on School stuff but never finished?
Feeling guilty not spending time with your family?
Go HERO will reduce teacher workload by focussing on one Superhero goal per term, using one secret ingredient that works, without complex to-do lists.
+ 4 practical teaching strategies that save time.
+ My Digital Teacher Planner 2yrs dated & hyperlinked
+ My Classroom Economy package
+ 6 modules, each with a 5 min video.
+ 4 podcasts, a guide book, a cheat sheet
+ 20 hour PD Certificate of Completion.

Reduce teacher workload

6 lessons - 20 hours PD Certificate

6 hrs study, 12 hrs implement, 2 hrs compile submission

Free Digital Teacher Planner, 2yrs dated and hyperlinked
Coming June 2020

Course 3

Creativity & Innovation in the Classroom

Coming Nov 2020


9 Modules - 20 hours PD
Coming Dec 2020

Course 4

Best Practices For teaching

Coming Dec 2020
Go Hero! Reduce Teacher Workload with Sylvia


I Am Sylvia Skinner.

With 25+ years of teaching experience and research expertise, I have helped build and grow a school from the ground up, trained teachers and taught 1000s of students.  In the constantly changing field of teaching, it is my mission to provide easy online PD for teachers to master critical strategies that will drive their teaching growth.

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