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Classroom Management

How do you handle classroom management? Find routines that help teachers and students stay organised, with practical suggestions that work.

5 steps to Get Organised
5 Steps To Get Organised Before School Starts

It’s school holidays and we’ve had a party over the holidays but now its time to get organised. Unless you were super organised and did it before the school break!

Stop off task behaviour
How Can You Stop Off-Task Behaviour?

Off-task behaviour. Let’s call this kind of student behaviour, ‘party breakers’ there’s always at least one in each class.

Prevent the Bullying of Kids with ASD
Bullying of Kids with ASD Must Stop!

Bullying of kids with ASD must be prevented and we as teachers need to be on our guard. Bullying is never okay but students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are at greater risk.

Kids with ASD need a Circle of Friends
Kids with ASD need a Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is the best way to help kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD]. Students with ASD generally have language, communication, social and cognitive skills problems.

Is it possible to stop bullying in schools
Is it Possible to Conquer Bullying In Schools?

Bullying in schools is prevalent but do we do anything about it? As a kid, Dan had been made a target of bullying since his first day at a new school in fifth grade. Dan learned to hate the bullies who would relentlessly bully him.

Change Disengaged Students
Disengaged Students Attitude

Disengaged students at school are unfortunate but all too common. One day, a student . . . walks in and announces ‘My dad killed my mum’.

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